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Hoboken411 becomes a loving dog owner!

oscar-face-cropped.jpgSigh. Say hello to the official Hoboken411 “Mascot”, Oscar.

Yep, I did what I thought I’d never do again; become a dog owner. Although I am very much around during the day, I somehow held off on the responsibility of caring for another living being. Didn’t think I’d be ready for the constant commitment. I’ve had dogs before (via roommates, or by being bamboozled by an ex-girlfriend, etc), this is the first time I’ve made the choice myself.

A friend of mine had fostered this dog that was rescued by the Holly Waggy Tails Rescue group in New York. Oscar was found near 190th St. along Highbridge park in Upper Manhattan. To put that in perspective, it’s nearly 11 miles from the World Financial Center. He was apparently chained to a fence for more than 3 days. He was rescued on June 2nd, given all his shots, and (sadly for him) neutered as well.


When she sent me the email, I was immediately drawn to this pup. A 45lb Chow mix (they believe Collie) that reminded me of my favorite dog growing up, “Ice”, who was a chow that a friend from high school had. Was a very cool dog. Could even speak German!

So I took the plunge, and now I’m (happily) stuck with this 2-year old hound. Life goes on without any harsh disruptions (other than spending a little money on him!)

He’s been practically the ideal mutt so far. No accidents inside, no jumping on furniture, and no household damage. No excessive barking (unless someone is coming up the stairs), minimal whining, hardly “needy”, and a super temperament with other dogs.

I believe this responsibility is good for me, because it forces me into somewhat of a better (and earlier) routine. While I spend time with him, I also get to see even more of Hoboken, meet some great people that I normally wouldn’t be interacting with on a regular basis, and of course, more exercise. I’m sure I’ll be annoyed when it’s pouring rain, 10 degrees outside, or if I’m under the weather, that will be the exception rather than the norm.

I carry like 15 extra dog bags with me, too (so I’ll never end up on my own website as a “poop offender” – and $2,000 poorer).

Any advice fellow dog owners can provide? One reader already recommended some flea/tape worm medicine (Sentinel). What are some tried and true golden rules for owning a dog in Hoboken? Where do you get them washed/bathed? (I tried Hoboken unleashed last week for a bath.. pretty good). What about vet care? Or dog walkers or boarding places in case you take a vacation? I’m sure I can get some volunteers to help watch him though.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this animal. He’s very loyal, stays by my side all the time, and is very low maintenance (for the time being.)

See a few more pics below.

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  1. Tama Murden says:

    Whoops…watched the video. Looks like Oscar was in the Elysian Park dog-run, rather than Church Sqr. Park (The dog-fountains look similar).

    Wherever Oscar romped, he sure looked like he was having a blast!

  2. timber says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of being a dog owner!!!! I think a rescue dog is awesome. I rescued my beagle 7 1/2 years ago and it has been wonderful (except that she can still figure out ways to break into the frig (yesterday she ate a pack of fat-free hotdogs and healthy choice turkey – at least it was fat free food). I also think he looks more like a chow-golden retriever mix. Very cute, best of luck with your new best friend.

    I once saw a pillow with a needle point message that read “everyday I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am” I always like that saying.

  3. timber says:

    as for grooming try Corrine Wahl she is the best!!! she also will pick up Oscar and drop him off you need that service. 201-610-9527.

    As for boarding — Hounds on the Hudson!!!! They also have a pet taxi service.

    Walker on the occasional walk (or regular basis). Try Megan: 888-PET-STTR.

  4. Cat says:

    He’s adorable. Congratulations.

    I miss having a dog. Maybe when the kidlet’s older I’ll get one again.

    I agree with the recommendations for Animal Infirmary. just be aware that, at least back when I used them, the quality of the vets working varied widely.

  5. Tama Murden says:

    Just rereading the thread & must say, 5. Furey…Shame on you. You’re describing the ideal boyfriend, not a female partner. If those are the qualities you’re looking for, best for you to get a dog, ASAP. Or a boyfriend, if your orientation works that way.

    And it’s a well-known fact…for 411 & beyond….dogs are a (violating the sisterhood) “chick-magnet.” Your dog & then you, will be fawned over.

  6. shoegirl says:

    I have to agree with Tama, dogs are chick magnets.

  7. appoggiatura says:

    I think Oscar is a Golden Chow!!!

  8. LynnZe says:

    Dogs are def. a chick magnet- my younger brother-in-law is staying with us for the summer and the first thing he said after taking our dog for a walk was – “dude Clyde gets chicks”

    My dog advice (lest I be bashed by others on the board – only imo!!)

    – Boca’s ROCK as boarders- i want to try unleashed because it’s more convienient – but my dog is very slow to warm up to new humans and he LOVES the great people at Boca’s – he was scared the first two times, but now pulls us up the stairs and drags us into the place – can’t change now.

    – We wash our mutt in the shower (get a shower-head with a hose) or the yard (weather permitting) – but i don’t know anything ’bout long-haired dogs. Short-haired dogs who like to swim in the bay need frequent baths and can’t afford the groomers.

    – I know u don’t live near the 4’th and park dog park -but all u bashers should know – yes it stinks like pee in the summer – but the dogs LOVE it. Anyone who thinks ‘bad’ dog owners go there probably don’t understand dogs. A lot of dog owners there do freak out if any dogs get a little fiesty – but that’s how dogs establish roles. As long as no blood sheds, let them be dogs.

    – Many people don’t realize- but any dog – 5 lbs – 100 lbs need excercise. I know my 80 lb crazy dog needs at least 3-miles and a dog park run or like 5-miles a day to be sane. This is the biggest mistake people make – not enough excercise – you don’t need a gentle leader or anything if you walk the dog for at least a few miles a day. Make sure he walks behind you at first- when he gets tired, he’ll follow. We saw some chick sporting two mini-mutts in a baby stroller the other day – so silly.

    Don’t known about vets except the one on washington are $$$ suckers – Livingston animal hospital rocks, but at least 20-min away. I now give our pup immodium if he has stomach problems (rarely) since i got ripped off at that hoboken animal hospital place. My dad said if it’s safe for humans, it’s fine for dogs (1/2 dose) but i’m not sure that’s sound advice- works for us.

    In any event, congrats- good luck w/ the new pup.

  9. SFH says:

    Congratulations on your new pet! It sounds like you were ready to get a dog and you will do everything you can to see that he is-and stays-happy and healthy. And we all know that you will pick up after him! :)

  10. fawnliebowitz says:

    Congrats on the new addition! Definitely stay away from Hoboken Animal Hospital. They will rip you off and subject your dog to unnecessary (and expensive) tests, procedures, etc. I’ve heard there is a really good vet practice in Edgewater. I don’t know their names… Maybe someone else knows?– You should take a look at them.

  11. MidnightRacer says:

    Pretty cool mix for a dog – Chow/Collie. Almost looks like a planned breed, nice coat and all, good frame. Congrats.

    I’m sure Oscar is going to be loyal – I mean, after being chained to a fence and abandoned for 3 days, he’s gotta feel gratitude first for your friend (foster parent) and then you. And of course, he’s gotta love Hoboken a lot more than where he was abandoned. When I was a kid, I saved a German-Shepherd, Nikko, from an abusive family and he never left my side for the rest of his time. Dogs seem to have a strong appreciation for the things you do for them – unlike Diva cats.

    Don’t know if you have a car, but dogs love Jeeps – I had a CJ-7 back in the day. Of course, you have to rig up a safety harness so he can’t lean out too far.

    But yeah, that’s cool that you took the plunge. Good luck with your new buddy. And I hope Oscar gets along with the crazy squirrels on your balcony 😯

  12. CharlieAParker says:

    Oscar, it was really nice to meet you yesterday. I know you’ll be really happy with your new caregiver – you already look it. Oh, and one tip, learn SQL really well, there may be extra treats from the butcher in it for you.

  13. Caffeine says:

    Midnight Racer speaks truth. Oscar deserves a seatbelt. Something snazzy and comfy.

    Speaking of cars, we actually take our dog to a vet in NYC–Andy Kaplan at City Veterinary on W. 72nd Street. He’s a great guy, and a fantastic diagnostician.

  14. Flash says:

    H411 what good news! Good Luck. I remember your last dog (cool white shepherd, forget the unusual name though)…all those years ago doing the after work walk in Columbus. I would recommend using Dr. Friedman’s paractice, Animal General up in Edgewater (just North of Japanese Market in the shopping plaza where the Binghamton Tennis Club is but South of Whole Foods). We see Dr. Amy Onderdonk there and she is awesome! She is a good vet, has great follow-up and is genuinely concerned for her patients. Animal General is a good practice where you can make appointments rather than wait, and while any vet in this area is no bargain, they are less expensive than Dr. Tudor (Jerk!) at Animal Infirmary, or Animal Hospital. These vets live in Hoboken themselves and have alot of patients who make the 15 minute trip up from Hoboken. Also, I would recommend you join the Hoboken Dog Association ( for the good resource that it is and b/c Animal General honors the discount card that HDA members get. My final recommendation would be to get all your doggie goodies at Cornerstone. They have great quality foods, and Jeff and his staff are great people!

  15. hoboken411 says:

    FYI, I wanted toss a “belated thank you” to everyone for the great advice for Oscar. He’s been doing super-well, and Jeff from Cornerstone has been helping out a lot. Great advice, and an excellent selection of products. They care about animals a lot there!

    Oscar’s favorite food (it took three months to find the “one”) is the not-so-expensive “Chicken Soup for your Dog’s Soul” or whatever it’s called (puppy edition – Oscar needed to put weight on – too bad I couldn’t make an “account transfer”).

    He likes all other dog’s toys but his own, and never begs for food.

    He’s absolutely NEVER had an “accident” at home (no piss or poop), but he’s hurled twice. Not his fault.

    He likes the spot on my bed when I wake up in the morning (it’s 5:40am now and I STILL haven’t gone to bed yet), because it’s warm, and it’s his loyal owner’s scent (even if I hadn’t showered in two days! yuck!)

    He’s almost mastered the perfect 360 degree somersault (although someone jabbed me today saying it “wasn’t a 720, 360’s are a dime a dozen”…)

    Oscar is friendly with every dog at every dog park (unless massively instigated).

    I envy his fecal regularity, and his penchant for simple things, like “water”.

    He’s a good dog that doesn’t complain, rarely whines, and is the best companion I’ve ever had. Patient, curious, friendly and understanding (I know, how can a dog be “understanding”), but he knows I’m sitting here with my back to him a good part of the day, and can deal with it. But I definitely take time to give him some attention. He loves his “belly rubs”!!

    The neatest thing I’ve noticed is, that no matter how good the treat, he will not go bezerk for one. He’ll patiently wait till I place it within extremely close proximity to his mouth. He then gently takes the treat into the other room to enjoy it quietly and peacefully.

    Oscar is a good dog!


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