Fatal car accident near Malibu Diner in Hoboken NJ

Reports that a “very bad” car accident took place around 5:45am this morning near the Malibu Diner on 14th Street between Park and Willow.

Hoboken Police have requested the Hudson County Prosecutors Office and Sheriff’s department on scene. This typically means a FATALITY is involved. They’re also asking for accident scene re-constructors.

No doubt sounds deadly. Avoid the area entirely until it’s cleared.

6:00am Update: Confirmed fatality. This involved an AmCare ambulance (lic. plate #XE-966X) which augments ambulatory service beyond the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps and a New York City Yellow Cab (lic. plate #5H75B). The taxi driver appears OK, as well as the patient in the ambulance. Unsure if the fatality was an EMT or a passenger of the cab.

6:30am Update: Not confirmed yet – but it sounds like the AmCare ambulance driver was the one who was killed in this accident. Additionally, a street pole was knocked down, and was one of the locations of a Hoboken video surveillance camera. HPD is checking to see if it was operational. They’ve also requested video footage from the BP gas station.

7:00am Update: Found out that it was actually a waitress who worked at the Malibu Diner who perished in this accident. Very tragic.