Ladies Nights at West Five Supper Club

West Five: Ladies nights every Friday in Hoboken

You don’t really hear the phrase “Ladies Night” much anymore these days, and West Five Supper Club at 505 Madison Street recognized that.

Every Friday night, they’re holding the “Pink Ladies Party” where all (top shelf) drinks for the lovely ladies are only $4 all night. Not to be sexist, men are not left out either – with their own “power hour” from 10-11pm – where all drinks are just $2 bucks.

You don’t feel like walking? They have FREE shuttle pick ups as well! Just dial (201)665-9667 and they’ll pick you up!

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2 Comments on "Ladies Nights at West Five Supper Club"

4 years 4 months ago

I thought Ladies Night was unconstitutional based upon a NJ Lawsuit about 10 years ago?

3 years 8 months ago

As of now it is still illeagal to have Ladies’ nights in NJ. I say we have a protest and call the cops!!