Marty O’Brien’s Social Club

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club opens officially: September 22, 2011

Starting tomorrow night (September 22, 2011 at 6pm), Marty O’Brien’s Social Club will officially be open for business.

Swing by 1st & Bloomfield to welcome them to the neighborhood, and enjoy drink specials all night!

Marty O’Brien’s – Upcoming Hoboken restaurant looks to wow customers


Hoboken has a lot of “bar/restaurants” throughout the city, but the more upscale establishments that have a fine-dining menu AND a lively bar scene is a rarity (think: Madison, Three A’s).

Marty O’Brien’s Social Club is looking to change that at 1st & Bloomfield this September. This area downtown is known for the hopping bars packed with people who love to socialize and drink, but the neighborhood doesn’t consist exclusively of 20-something beer-pong playing revelers. There are many families and other residents who like taking break from time to time and enjoy a great sit-down meal, too.

And the owners of Marty O’Brien’s feel they have the perfect solution. Read their story below.

The story behind Marty O’Brien’s Social Club in Hoboken

“As new bar proprietors here in Hoboken it was imperative that we came up with a name that would stand out in the community. Our search was difficult because we wanted to find a name that fit our many needs. Since taking over just a short while ago here at first and bloomfield we have made it our goal to serve great food at a reasonable price for our patrons. We want to provide the best service in town and provide a local meeting spot downtown for all of Hoboken’s community. Then, with our location on 1st Street, we want to continue the great party atmosphere that can be so enjoyable with all of the other Irish Pubs on the block. Throw in the fact that our entire ownership group has deep roots, love and respect for the city of Hoboken made the task of finding a name nearly a lost cause. However, we would not give up and our search led us to the Hoboken Historic Museum where after an exhausting search we were presented with the name and story behind Marty O’ Brien’s. After hearing it we all looked at each other and knew our search was over.

Marty O’Brien was the name that Frank Sinatra’s father, Anthony Martin Sinatra, used during his boxing career. It was a time when Italian Americans had difficulty entering the fight world. Thus, Anthony needed a name that would allow him to do so. As our guide at the Historic Society stated, “back then people wouldn’t pay to see Italians fight, they would say we can go out in the streets and watch them fight for free.”

After his fighting days were over Anthony and his wife Dolly opened a bar in Hoboken and called it Marty O’Brien’s. However, instead of putting this name on the window they only used the initials of the bar. The window, much the same as our glass in the door on Bloomfield street, spelled M.O.B. (assn. all nations). The name and sign has great significance to us as an ownership group. It exemplifies deep roots in Hoboken, yet still gives us the Irish name that is so important to our standing in town.

It is a name where you can come and have a great meal but also hangout for hours with your best friend and our courteous staff. Also, the initials of M.O.B, can give people a name that still signifies a great party atmosphere at night. “Where are we going out tonight? I’m going to hang out at The MOB.”

Finally, as three Italian Americans running a bar in the Irish dominated bar scene of Hoboken we can sympathize with the Sinatra’s story of the Italian American using the Irish pseudonym to enter a different world. It is a perfect match of culture that we embrace through our “Social Club” theme. With our location, staff, kitchen and night life we are so much more than just a bar or just a restaurant. So our belief in this type of theme completed our process as we became Marty O’Brien’s Social Club.

So from our entire staff and ownership group we hope the name means the same things to all of you that it does to us and that the new Marty O’Brien’s Social Club becomes your local, your favorite restaurant and your late night party place.

Cheers and Salute,
The Owners

Coming soon to Hoboken: Marty O’Brien’s Social Club

Please email for additional information about the Grand Opening of Marty O’Brien’s Social Club.

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4 years 5 months ago

Where is this place?
Anyone know what’s being built by Exxon on way out of town?

4 years 5 months ago

I love the name of this place …where is it?

4 years 5 months ago

Is this the replacement for Busker’s?

4 years 5 months ago

Could it be 411 Monroe St., the old ‘Frank Sinatra Museum’. Frank’s Father was a Fire Captain who fought under the ‘ring’ name of “”Marty O’Brien”. 💡

4 years 5 months ago

Where is this located? I tried to google it, but it’s not coming up.. does anybody know??