16 custom named streets & corners in Hoboken, NJ

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s John Muller Way update – here’s a bit more about all the different streets & corners with special names. The photo gallery below gives you a few examples of the many street corners with unique names assigned to them.

Notable street corners in Hoboken

Most of the streets with special “secondary” names in Hoboken were either named after prominent long-term members of our community, or businesses which have survived through thick and thin. Other thoroughfares are named entirely after particular persons.

  1. Carlo’s Bakery Way (Newark & Washington): Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop has been a Hoboken institution for decades, but came into the spotlight with their reality cable show the Cake Boss.
  2. Vezzetti Way (parallel to Observer Highway): I never thought this was an actual road, but rather just a long parking lot with a name. However, it was named after former Hoboken Mayor Thomas Vezzetti, and is listed on some street maps (not all).
  3. Bobby the Peddler’s Corner (7th & Willow): Robert Ferrante, Sr. was a prominent fruit peddler in town.
  4. William and Mary Perry’s Way (9th & Bloomfield): Bill Perry was known for his community activism.
  5. Andrew Amato’s Way (1st & Adams): Andrew Amato was a former (very animated) Hoboken City Councilman who passed away in 2010.
  6. Dorothy Buoncuore’s Corner (12th & Willow): Dorothy was a steady school crossing guard for decades.
  7. Cal & Son’s Corner (Newark & Harrison): Cal’s Hot Dog Stand is one of Hoboken’s most popular!
  8. McFeeley Lane (Shipyard between 12th & 14th): Former Hoboken Mayor Bernard McFeely.
  9. Barry Way (Eastbound between McFeeley & Sinatra Dr. N.): Dedicated to Walter Barry, founder of Applied Housing.
  10. DePascale Way (Westbound between Sinatra Dr. N. & McFeeley): Dedicated to former Hoboken Mayor Louis DePascale.
  11. Piazza Monte San Giacomo (6th & Adams): Tribute to the members of the Monte San Giacamo Social Club – and the founders of the St. Ann’s Italian Festival.
  12. Aggie’s Way (7th & Madison): Another corner dedicated to a crossing guard – Agnes Forino – who served the community for over four decades.
  13. Giovanni D’Italia Cobblers Corner (7th & Garden): Big props to shoe experts Vinchenzo Perrupato and Giovanno D’Italia Footwear at 700 Garden Street. With five decades of Hoboken love.
  14. Gustasto’s Bread Way (4th & Adams): People miss real bakeries like Gustasto’s Bread, which served Hoboken for seven decades!
  15. Biggie’s Way (4th & Madison): Biggie’s Clam Bar is definitely a Hoboken institution.
  16. John Muller Way (10th & Washington): Muller Insurance is most certainly one of the longest-running family businesses in Hoboken!

Hoboken street names not 100% universally accepted, though

While most people, including myself – think renaming and dedicating street corners brings added charm and character to our city, and is relatively harmless in the long run, some folks don’t agree.

Hoboken411 reader Steve said the street-naming is getting out of control, and is used for more suspect purposes. “One or two street corners is fine, but the dedications are becoming too frequent and are losing their importance. No politician should have his or her hands on these events and celebrations, nor should they appear in ribbon-cuttings. The community will be here long after most council-people and mayors, and they should stand on their own without being used as political brownie points.”

While resident Scott added: “Recently on Washington they replaced the official street sign with some “guys” name. Listen, if someone died as a hero, served the town valiantly, or was the founding founder of a modern invention (light bulb, etc.), rename a street or school by honoring them. I am not sure why public safety has been replaced by vanity.”

Are you for or against this practice? Has it become too frequent? Or not enough?