10:40am, there was a 911 call about shots fired near 3rd and Jackson. Allegedly a red 2007 Toyota Yaris, three girls involved, fighting amongst themselves, one girl fled on foot. Unknown direction of flight. However, it was later found out as police investigated the area and spoke with nearby individuals surrounding the location in question, that it was a false 911 call. They are now gathering more information and will attempt to charge the girl calling it in, as it is considered a crime to knowingly report a fault incident. The woman involved was apparently a “DDP” (drunk/disorderly person).

11:10am, another report of “DDP’s” involved in a violent street fight at 1600 Willow Ave. One patient is being transported to HUMC for “psych evaluation”.

Warm weather, cold beer, drunken anger.

I can only imagine what this summer will be like if we experience many heat waves and power outages.