Warmer weather – nuttier incidents

10:40am, there was a 911 call about shots fired near 3rd and Jackson. Allegedly a red 2007 Toyota Yaris, three girls involved, fighting amongst themselves, one girl fled on foot. Unknown direction of flight. However, it was later found out as police investigated the area and spoke with nearby individuals surrounding the location in question, that it was a false 911 call. They are now gathering more information and will attempt to charge the girl calling it in, as it is considered a crime to knowingly report a fault incident. The woman involved was apparently a “DDP” (drunk/disorderly person).

11:10am, another report of “DDP’s” involved in a violent street fight at 1600 Willow Ave. One patient is being transported to HUMC for “psych evaluation”.

Warm weather, cold beer, drunken anger.

I can only imagine what this summer will be like if we experience many heat waves and power outages.


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  1. Trail of Dead says:

    This must be an alternate universe – I laughed and nodded in agreement with a post from potatochip


    Your bizarre rant needs an editor.

    Hey Oz.
    ‘Hey Oz’ probably should have ended with an exclamation point.

    Why don’t you just say “Fuc**n’ Nigg**s
    Definitely should have ended in a question mark.

    Go ahead. Say it. Say it, bitch.
    Once again, exclamation points and question marks would have made more sense here. You are coming off as a librarian, or an accountant, not an angry defender of the oppressed. I’m guessing you are trying to channel Jules from Pulp Fiction (‘Say what again. SAY WHAT AGAIN’) but it’s just not working for me. No passion at all.

    Maybe I can hold a rusty hacksaw blade over your neck and make you say, “My Mommy is a N*****”.
    Maybe I could hold.. this sounds better. And, if you are sticking up for black people, how is forcing somebody to say ‘My Mommy is a Nasterisk’ going to address that? Seems like you are using Nasterisk as an insult so… Oh and mommy should not be capitalized in this case.

    If I ever find out who you are, your gay daddy is gonna wake you in a closed coffin.
    This makes no sense to me. First, as a champion of the oppressed, you are using ‘gay’ as an insult. Wake you in a closed coffin? What does this mean? Seriously dude, this is weird. Is the gay daddy a necromancer? Vampire? What movie did you get this from?
    P.S. Ohhh I get it. ‘Wake You’ as in, have a wake for you. Got it.

    Maybe you can ask Discount Liquor to address only your addictions, your cold chardonay, your chilled Weisse Brau.
    This is an insult? Have you ever had warm Chardonnay? Two n’s by the way. And ‘address only your addictions’ doesn’t make any sense. Please re-phrase. What are you trying to say here?

    God holds a special place for repugnant white trash like you.
    I think you meant “God has a special place in Hell…”

    I’m not completely against you, I know plenty the commenters on this site use ‘codewords’ like “Those People”, I see it too, but in this case you killed a flea with a sledgehammer.

  2. Dr. Midnight says:

    If it’s warmer weather, why is that guy wearing a leather jacket? 😈

  3. Dr. Midnight says:

    Oh yeah, wake you in a closed coffin probably means hold a wake with a closed coffin, but “wake you” is more boyz in da hood like. Or something like that.

  4. Oz says:

    [quote comment=”26673″][quote comment=”26631″] Go to this store some night around midnite – 1 am. You tell me who he’s taking about.
    I stand by my flame.[/quote]

    danzig, if you’re in the habit of hanging around there around those hours perhaps it’s actually you I’m talking about. If that’s the case, it’s time to update your selection of Techno CDs. They suck more than the spinning rims on your Altima.

  5. sullyx says:

    [quote comment=”26600″][quote comment=”26595″]I love summer in hoboken, what better time to bond with your bartender on the weekends while all hoboken is fighting for drinks at osprey or someother shore bar.[/quote]
    Some Hoboken barmaids are hot. Especially the one who works on the roof at the Dubliner. Hot.[/quote]

    huh, are you refering to Sarah maybe? Di has left and Chantal only works the down stairs bar. Someone needs to tell Mark to stop hiring guys! 😆

  6. Trail of Dead says:

    Oh yeah, wake you in a closed coffin probably means hold a wake with a closed coffin, but “wake you” is more boyz in da hood like. Or something like that.

    Wake. Catholic. Guidos-in-da-hood


  7. Guido says:


    Your bizarre rant needs an editor.”

    (sound of hands clapping)

    Bravo Trail of dead! Bravo!

    You get my vote for funniest post ever.

  8. Trail of Dead says:

    So… no hard feelings about Guido joke above?


  9. Guido says:

    [quote comment=”26753″]Guido
    So… no hard feelings about Guido joke above?


    Nah, that cracked me up too.

  10. Schmitty says:

    I hear you about the hoboken liquor store on willow and first… i really think that there is a drug operation going on there – kids go in and then don’t come out for a while, and if you go in, its usually empty. . . maybe its not drugs, but i dont know what else thuggish kids are doing in the backroom of a liquor store from midnight to 3am… plus there is barely anything to buy in that place, i dont know how they make enough to stay open for that real estate – shady…
    it’s not racist to describe what the young adults are like that go in there – thuggish is thuggish, no matter what ethnicity they are. I recommend anyone who doesnt think theres something fishy going on there to take a look one of these weekend nights if they are up that late… all these double parked cars… no one you can see in the front of the store… hey, maybe they are playing parcheesi back there, eh?

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