Hoboken: July 4th Fireworks Madhouse

Are you all ready for your Independence Day celebrations?

If you live in Hoboken, great! You’re no more than a 10-minute walk to the waterfront to check out the 2013 Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular.

Macy’s Fireworks: Hoboken Visitors Guide

But if you don’t live in Hoboken, and were thinking about checking it out – here’s a handy checklist of helpful tips:

  • Hoboken is already a horrific city to visit by car. With draconian parking laws (you can only visit for four hours – then they’ll ticket and boot your car), traffic bottlenecks getting in and out of town, poorly synced traffic lights, kidney-jarring potholes and more. Best bet is to find a local NJ fireworks show closer to where you live. It’s just not worth the hassle to come here.
  • If you do visit, and insist on driving,
    • Get here early. Many hours early. Park in the first garage you can find. (Note that they jack up prices on July 4th.)
    • Avoid street parking – and by all means do not park illegally. The city loves robbing visitors. Do you want to give them the satisfaction?
    • Stay late (past midnight). Go hang out at a bar. It takes about two hours for the citywide traffic jam to subside. Remember, don’t drink & drive!
    • If you do not follow the above, you will undoubtedly suffer to one degree or another.
  • Download this informative Hoboken Map. It has parking garage locations, and street names in case you’re easily confused.
  • Mass transit is probably your best bet.
  • Other riverfront areas are also an option, such as Jersey City, Weehawken or North Bergen – but you’ll encounter bad traffic there as well.

In the end, if you love the Macy’s Fireworks – and absolutely have to see the show – then you must already know what you’re getting into and hopefully will plan accordingly.

But if you’re the type of person who hates traffic, lays on your horn and hollers out the window – please visit another city besides Hoboken. People live here, you know?

Macy’s Fireworks from Hoboken in a nutshell

For those sensible enough to not clog Hoboken, or like walking to their own beat – here’s what Hoboken looks like during the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular:

Either way – enjoy your long weekend!