CLOSED: Left the uncooperative business climate in Hoboken in 2014 and now is in Jersey City.

As of April 1, 2007, new owners have taken over the previous Graceland Doggie Day Care and will be running under the name “Hoboken Unleashed”.

I had a chance to visit the other day to check out the operation. It seemed like a well-run facility with ample staff to care for the dogs. During “play time”, the pups were allowed to run around in various walled-off areas. They have provisions for larger or smaller dogs, and canines that don’t get along with others. All the dogs I saw were having a grand ‘ole time frolicking in the main play area. Each section was well maintained with someone supervising the whole day, as well as frequent clean-ups.

Hoboken Unleashed also plans some site improvements over the upcoming weeks. One is an industrial strength de-humidification system which will help reduce ambient humidity and result in a cooler atmosphere. Upgraded Plexiglas doors to replace the chain-link fences and even expanding the grooming options once they get the trained staff in place.

Description: Doggie Day Care, baths, clippings and grooming (coming soon)
Hours: M-F: 7am-8pm, Sat: 7am-6pm, Sun:10am-2pm and Special Late Night Sunday Pickup Service available during the summer season from 8pm to10 pm from June 3rd to August 26th. (Office is closed between 12pm and 2pm except Sundays.)
Address: 716 Clinton St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: 201-798-6300 Fax: 201-798-6375

Here are a few pictures. See more plus a few videos of the dogs in action after the break.







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