Cammareri’s “Famous” Bakery goes under in Hoboken, NJ

You know if a brand new business in town is offering 50% off on Living Social just three months after they opened, that something ain’t right.

Yep – Cammareri’s Famous Brooklyn Bakery & Cafe went out of business recently, and the store is for rent. They didn’t make it one full year.

What a shame – because the product was definitely not bad – and better than Cake Boss – which was essentially just a couple blocks away. Couldn’t they get some of that traffic?

But one thing that stood out most in my opinion – was the complete lack of passion for even being open and the wonderful opportunity to provide food & drink options for people that walked in the door. At least make us feel welcome, or happy that we chose to spend our money there for God’s sake!

What’s the next best thing for this spot? A gun store?

Cammareri Famous Brooklyn Bakery NOW OPEN in Hoboken!


Forget FIVE HOUR lines for Cake Boss – Cammareri’s Famous Brooklyn Bakery & Cafe is NOW OPEN!

Cammareri Bakery Update:

March 2011:

Spoke with the owners of Cammareri’s Bakery – and they told me they hope to be opening within four weeks.

And in addition to their famous “Brooklyn Bread,” they’ll also have the Monteleone pastries – as well as sandwiches which feature Lioni Mozzarella.

I also updated their contact information below.

Can’t wait till they open!

Cammareri’s Brooklyn Bakery & Cafe coming to Hoboken

Italian bakery competition heating up in the Mile Square…

Hoboken definitely has some great bakeries for bread (Dom’s) or pastries (Giorgio’s) – but is unfortunately most well known for what some say are mediocre products served up by TV-star “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro over at Carlo’s City Hall Bake Shop.

Well, a new player is coming to town: Cammareri’s Famous Brooklyn Bakery & Cafe.

Cammareri’s Brooklyn Bakery was made famous as being a location in the movie Moonstruck – and various Cammareri iterations are located in Brooklyn and Howell, NJ. They also partnered up with Montelone’s in Brooklyn at one point as well.

Nothing like a genuine Italian Bakery coming to Hoboken (instead of posers like the Old German Bakery – who seem to sell Costco quality baked goods.)

Description: Italian Bakery & Cafe. Breads, Pastries, Cookies.
Address: 22 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-222-8500