Notice anything about the 126 NJT Bus?


Hoboken residents think 126 Bus service lagging

Hoboken411 receives countless tips, emails, and leads weekly. One such trend I’ve noticed is residents complaining about the NJ Transit 126 bus service. The latest coming from Michael who said “I’m pretty certain NJTransit significantly reduced the amount of buses for the morning/evening commute on line 126 to Port. The lines are getting ridiculous.”

Since I don’t ride the bus daily, I cannot speak about how bad the service has become. According to the 2011 Schedule for the 126 bus, it doesn’t appear that any cuts have been made – nor have any travel advisories been issued by NJ Transit. Maybe it’s just the recent inclement weather and perpetual Hoboken traffic headaches?

Have you noticed the 126 Bus having problems as of late?

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18 Comments on "Notice anything about the 126 NJT Bus?"

4 years 10 months ago

It’s pretty common knowledge that the 126 bus is a joke most times. Basically the commute in the AM consists of zero buses for 10-15 minute stretches, then a convoy of 4 arriving at once. It’s the most ridiculous staggering of buses I have ever seen.

Evening commute from 6-7:30 fro PA often has lines snaked throughout the terminal as far as the eye can see.

Bottom line: We have gotten zilch for the 25% increase in fares that was imposed a year ago.

4 years 10 months ago

Riding the 126 is the equivalent to spending 30 minutes in the 7th circle of hell. Though, I think this is true of all NJT buses, not just Hoboken lines.

Favorites include:
1. Lines that serpentine thru port authority and end with in spitting distance of the 8th ave and 42nd Street stairwell, meanwhile, no other gates have any lines at all.
2. No AC in the summer, the buses turn into toaster ovens, as all riders lose 3 pounds sweating.
3. Too much heat in the winter – Seriously, we all have heavy winter coats on, just because the… Read more »

4 years 10 months ago

As someone who usually takes the Path, I have to say the bus is terrible. The only reason I take it this time of year is because of the cold and snow (I usually don’t mind the walk to the path) and even still I find myself taking the path home many times because the Port Authority is so ridiculously crowded every night. Luckily in the morning I get the bus at the corner of 7th and wash and it’s not that crowded but by the time we get to 14th street, most are standing.

4 years 10 months ago

I don’t take it that often. However, they have no competition. And do not have any incentive to provide better service. When Academy was running their own line to NYC. The buses were racing to get there first. This is going back several years, but there was that third no name company and that created competition and NJTransit actually had to lower their fares to compete. Although, they consistenly had air conditioning in the summer, so sometimes, the extra cents was worth it. This was in the early/mid… Read more »

4 years 10 months ago

I’ve taken the bus into the city on weekends. It’s a nice ride, there is a lessened smell of ass in the air, and I get a seat on the bus versus feeling like a Vienna sausage on the NJ PATH.