You’re a Hoboken B-n-R when you…

Here’s a great list some Hobokenites have been circulating around for a while. I’ve only been here 10 years, so I cannot relate to most of this. But it’s fun trivia nonetheless. Thanks to Hoboken411 reader “icu” for the list!

You know you’re from Hoboken when you…

  • Played BBall at 4th St Park (Its really called Church Square Park)
  • Know where the “Multi” is
  • Bought your Bicycle, pin-striped Lee jeans and Bomber from Mr Lee’s…
  • Bought your school project materials from Sorkins
  • Shopped at:
    • CH Martin
    • CREST
    • Stans
    • Chicken Galore
    • Burger King
    • McCrory’s
    • Biggies
    • Malibu Diner
    • Murder Hill
    • Benny’s Pizzeria!
    • Shop Rite (where both CVS and Barnes & Noble currently are)
    • CUNA! ( rice and cheese lol )
  • Got your shots at HOPES
  • Hung out by Daily News, the Piers or Lakawana!

Here’s an old picture of the Spa Diner. See below for the rest of the list!

More old memories. (FYI, Hoboken411 doesn’t condone the beating up of anybody).

  • Beat up yuppies on Washington St. (who the hell didn’t!!)
  • If you brawled at a HOBOKEN vs EMERSON (late 80’s) Basketball and high school football games, or Hoboken vs. North Bergen football games (early 90’s)
  • Hoboken High School football team
  • Hoboken would walk up to Union City ( 8th street area) and fight everyone and anyone that would stand in our way!!
  • In High School got breakfast or lunch at Ann’s
  • “THE MOUNTAINS OR TRIALS” refers to the small wooded area overlooking the Hudson River at Stevens College. starting point was 6th street and ending at Elysian Park 10th at Hudson.
  • Dead Man’s Cave!!! Lol
  • White Wall…climbing down from JC to Hoboken.
  • Eddie MOE/Grandma from BIGS
  • Big Banners/Bills Corner.
  • Know who “STICK” is.
  • Know who the “Jesus Christ” Homeless guy is
  • Got your back to school clothes from Arnold’s or Wilmers.
  • Your mom and grandma got their clothes from Weiners, LOL.
  • Used to get lunch from sammy’s on Park Avenue.
  • Got my penny loafers for school from Thom McCan’s.
  • Castle Point Diner is now It’s Greek to Me.
  • East LA used to be Umland’s, a breakfast place.
  • Played wiffle ball in church towers while girls watched from the “brick” in the play area
  • Know the meaning of “cump” and use it on a daily basis
  • Called the 9th street projects the “white” projects
  • Bought your halloween costume and christmas cards at Fibbio’s (now Makeovers Salon)
  • Say he/she is CUUTE in only the way we know how
  • Have told both your enemies and best friends to “smarten up”
  • Add an “r” to words that end in “a”, and remove the “r” in words that do end in that letter
  • Call Washington St. “THE AVENUE”
  • Went to Pac N Snack after school
  • Carmen Bacala
  • Mayor Vizetti and his mega phone The best!
  • Bought some toys or luggage at Fiul’s
  • Played video games at Round-Up (aka Daily News)
  • Threw eggs at an opposing blocks on mischief night (Park Ave, Church Towers, Bloomfield).
  • Bought your school clothes at Geismeyer’s.
  • Know any of the following Hoboken celebrities:
    • Lloyd Gold Ashby
    • MC Homeless
    • Campy Love
    • Cutty Juice
    • Dribbles
    • Pat the Man
    • Patty Moe
    • Janet Aiello
    • Izzy Michelle
    • Yac the Cop
    • the Farkles
    • more to follow…
  • Shopped at the Wonder Shop or Mickey Finn’s
  • Remember Carmine Bacala stealing the Cuppy Fund (RIP Cupster!).
  • Remember the Masarsky’s fire.
  • Seen the New Year’s Eve “World’s Most Dangerous Firework Show” on 6th & Bloom.
  • Ate at the original (#1) Blimpie Base at it’s original location.
  • Bought 45’s at Campus.
  • Malibu Diner was known as “The 14th Diner”
  • A&P was the Rite Aid on 13th Street now
  • Foodtown across the street from Hoboken High
  • Polio lake after it rained by 10th street park

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83 Comments on "You’re a Hoboken B-n-R when you…"

9 years 13 days ago

Not a b-n-r, but have been here for almost 20 yrs. The list brought back memories of a lot of places that have closed. The bar in the picture next to the Spa I beleive was Red Head’s…classic old joint.

9 years 13 days ago

What does Cump mean?

9 years 13 days ago

It’s a little off subject, but does anyone know what they are currently working on at Chucrch Park on the north side by 5th and park? are they building a new playground or something? because that’s what they need at that park…

9 years 13 days ago

Only 15 years for me but, ah, Chicken Galore, you are missed.

Also, what was the supermarket across from the H.S, now a CVS? That place was gross.

9 years 13 days ago

Cump, remember Brother Cervelli and the guy who made the sandwhiches “ViC” he kep the pencil in his ear to mark the prices on the bags. Also when it snowed out every kid was up at Stevens Grassy hill to slide down and take waht seem like the 10 foot drop when you hit the edge. Also crazy pat who was a mainstay at the st anns feast and use to open the rides when it closed to let the kids on who stood out late. CUMPY, those were great times, but look how far Hoboken has come from where… Read more »