Madison Bar & Grill

They still get lines. Knocked poor old Kelly out of business.


Description – Restaurant & Bar – Eclectic cuisine featuring a variety of seafood, Formal yet relaxed dining & bar area. See menu, prices, reviews on their website. Entrée price range $14-$26. Martini night – Half price on Tue night.
Services – Bar, Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Early bird. Take Out, Delivery
Website –
Address – 1316 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5534
Telephone – (201) 386-0300,(201) 222-5500 for delivery, Fax – (201) 386-8300

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August 2006

Today’s quick review takes us to the Madison Bar & Grill. We arrived at around 4pm so the place was essentially deserted. We got a table outside along Washington St. Tables were a bit small to me, but most people would fit fine, I assume.

Our waitress came over and took our order. Let’s just do a quick summary of what we ordered and what the food was like.

Appetizer: Three Cheese and Roasted Garlic Pizza w/ Mozzarella, Asagio and Parmesan. ($7)
– Decent size for one to eat as entree, or to share as an appetizer
– Came with a side of tangy marinara sauce to dip
– Taste favored the parmesan cheese over the others
– Fairly priced and prepared well.


Entree #1: Cuban Style Steak Sandwich ($9)
– Rather large dish. Lots of fries (too salty though)
– Steak wasn’t as tough as you’d expect flank steak to be
– Flavor was ok, but a bit on the bland side
– Too much to finish if you order appetizers with it


Entree #2: B.L.T. ($8)
– Interesting variation to standard BLT. With sourdough bread and brie cheese.
– Very decent and flavorful bacon
– Again with the overly salted fries


Service was just fine (except for when the stepped on my food when the food came out). The outdoor eating on the corner of 14th and Washington is a bit too trafficky (buses, etc). But Madison usually has pretty consistent food and exceptional service. Not a bad place to go when you’re in a pinch for somewhere to eat.

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  1. noelle says:

    Great brunch buffett!!
    Absolutely delicious!

  2. willow says:

    Overpriced, and boring choices. Much better off at Liberty or Oneill’s for breakfast.

  3. FAP says:

    Where pretentious post pubescent preppies go to see and be seen while spending the large salary they pretend to have.

  4. noelle says:

    Okay – went to Madison’s last night after work.. stayed late..and I must admit I see what you mean!

    I still like the brunch though

  5. Furey says:

    I find Madisons irritating on many levels, but the best example is that the bouncers will keep people in a line, outside the bar when the bar is at 50% capacity. They do this on purpose to make the bar look important rather than keeping the patrons trying to get inside happy.

    I don’t think its a terrible bar, I have found the bartenders there do a very good job, actually. The few times that I have been inside, I also found the DJ spinning some good tunes, too. I just think the people who go there on a regular basis are usually vapid and pretentious. Not my kind of crowd.

  6. emarche says:

    The three times that I’ve visited Madison’s were all decent, if not entirely great experiences. I thought the food was pretty good, the staff was incredibly friendly, and the bar itself was a fun environment. That being said, I did make the mistake of once going a bit later at night and it turned out to be just like every other Hoboken restaurant/bar: a loud, crowded, and full of 20-something crowd…in short, a meat/meet market. If you’re looking for a place to grab something to eat during a lazy afternoon or if you’re even looking for a fun place to eat dinner with friends, Madison’s is pretty good. As a late-night bar it is, in a word: Hoboken.

  7. xavier says:

    Are there any hipster havens in Hoboken? There really hasn’t been one for years. The last one I can think of would be Boo Boos in the early 1990s, before it went all Frat Boy.

    DC’s is the only thing I can think of that comes close, today.

  8. copperplum says:

    Their new Moroccan Spiced Chicken dinner is incredibly delish.

  9. Cat says:

    Hmm…I may have to give them another try then. Any particular dishes you all recommend?

  10. Jackers7283 says:

    The Tuesday night 1/2 price martinis are a great find if you want an after work drink on just a little cash. Also, the spinach artichoke dip is fabulous!

  11. Lady says:

    dip is okay, gotta try it at 10th and Willow – the best I’ve EVER had.

  12. RYBice says:

    Consistency is the hallmark of any good restaurant, and consistent Madison is not. The Calamari was a bit underdone, the coating was falling off and not particularly tasty, and tentacles were included (not to my liking, anyway). If you want really good Calamari go to Elysian Cafe. ALWAYS top notch. I ordered Pigs in the Blanket, expecting stuffed cabbage. My bad. I was served cocktail hotdogs wrapped in pastry. If they weren’t from a box of frozen Sarah Lee they might as well have been. For entrees, the Cuban steak sandwich was good, as was the New Haven Clam Pizza. But the Quesadilla was cold, the cheese not even melted. $8. for any lunch desert is outrageous. The coffee was very strong (we questioned the waiter about it being old…he said it’s a strong Starbucks blend and the house won’t change it.) But here’s the kicker…BOTH restrooms in the bar area had stopped up toilets and when we reported it to the hostess, we didn’t notice anyone rushing to take care of it. We just sold our restaurant after 11 successful years in the business so we know the work and the problems involved. But as owners, we checked our restrooms many times every day. We felt it reflected on our whole operation, but apparently not everyone believes the conditions in your restrooms may give a clue about the conditions in your kitchen.There are many other places to try before I return here…..if it all. RYBice

  13. ddhob says:

    I actually love The Madison!!! I think all of the bartenders are awesome, the food is great and the drinks are delicious!! Whoever RYBice is… you ate too much food too enjoy anything…..and you probably stopped up the toilets!
    Everyone in Hoboken who goes out for fun always ends up at the Madison!! The bar area is really long with a lot of space in front of it. The music is great also. If you have a family…. it is very kid friendly. Tuesday night is 1/2 price martinis and my night always ends up great!!!

  14. jen123 says:

    I’ve been here 3 times and although I’m kinda sick of it, it’s not a bad place at all. The French Onion Soup Dumpling appetizer is really good as well as the penne vodka and chicken panini.

  15. homeworld says:

    Anyone else get food poisoning after eating here recently?

  16. hobokenj says:

    If someone accidentally took a men’s black banana republic jacket Friday night please email Perry. Keys were in the jacket, could care less about the jacket but would appreciate the return of the keys.


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