They still get lines. Knocked poor old Kelly out of business.


Description – Restaurant & Bar – Eclectic cuisine featuring a variety of seafood, Formal yet relaxed dining & bar area. See menu, prices, reviews on their website. Entrée price range $14-$26. Martini night – Half price on Tue night.
Services – Bar, Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Sunday Brunch, Early bird. Take Out, Delivery
Website –
Address – 1316 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5534
Telephone – (201) 386-0300,(201) 222-5500 for delivery, Fax – (201) 386-8300

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August 2006

Today’s quick review takes us to the Madison Bar & Grill. We arrived at around 4pm so the place was essentially deserted. We got a table outside along Washington St. Tables were a bit small to me, but most people would fit fine, I assume.

Our waitress came over and took our order. Let’s just do a quick summary of what we ordered and what the food was like.

Appetizer: Three Cheese and Roasted Garlic Pizza w/ Mozzarella, Asagio and Parmesan. ($7)
- Decent size for one to eat as entree, or to share as an appetizer
- Came with a side of tangy marinara sauce to dip
- Taste favored the parmesan cheese over the others
- Fairly priced and prepared well.


Entree #1: Cuban Style Steak Sandwich ($9)
- Rather large dish. Lots of fries (too salty though)
- Steak wasn’t as tough as you’d expect flank steak to be
- Flavor was ok, but a bit on the bland side
- Too much to finish if you order appetizers with it


Entree #2: B.L.T. ($8)
- Interesting variation to standard BLT. With sourdough bread and brie cheese.
- Very decent and flavorful bacon
- Again with the overly salted fries


Service was just fine (except for when the stepped on my food when the food came out). The outdoor eating on the corner of 14th and Washington is a bit too trafficky (buses, etc). But Madison usually has pretty consistent food and exceptional service. Not a bad place to go when you’re in a pinch for somewhere to eat.