Tony Alamo newsletters bombard Hoboken, NJ
Despite being a convicted sex offender…

Continuing the ORIGINAL Hoboken411 “Windshield Twittering” series, today’s update is about the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. These “newsletters” are all over Hoboken the past week or so. And funny enough, they’re not even current issues. One is from 2005, and the other from 2012.

Tony Alamo SPAM in Hoboken NJ

How does Tony Alamo have a following?

See, I’m wondering WHY these things even exist, and are propagated throughout the world. Because Tony Alamo (aka Bernie Lazar Hoffman) is currently serving a 175-year prison sentence for rape, assault and psychological abuse of underage children.

Who belongs to this ministry anyway?

Well – in this world – when dopes like Anthony Weiner still make their rounds, anything is possible, because a sucker is born every minute.

Here’s an example of one of these wacky “newsletters.”

God approves this Windshield Tweet:


Not sure how many of you received a “message from God” delivered via the Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Newsletter this past weekend, but I’m guessing that this particular Windshield Tweet was approved by the big man himself.

I’d also suspect that people throwing his words on the ground, not so much.

What does Tony Alamo have to say?

Figured I’d do my part and help spread whatever Tony Alamo had to say and scan the two newsletters in so you can read them or forward on.

So either click here to read the PDF or click the image below.

God Bless and have a great day!

[Stay tuned for the next Windshield Twittering entry! - Note: Feel free to share your wiper-spottings - just email Hoboken411 with a clear photo or two, where you spotted it and how you'd like to be credited... ]

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