Local Dive Bar


Description – Bar
Services –
Bar, Juke Box, Pool Table and Big Buck Hunter.
Address –
329 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone –
(201) 656-9698

Louise and Jerrys.JPG

Louise and Jerry's is one of the most reliable and straightforward places to drink in Hoboken.

louis and jerrys interior.JPG

People used to complain about the bar being smokey, now people complain that they have to go outside to smoke. Can't please everyone.

Great place for locals to gather, excellent jukebox with no commercial crap, friendly no-nonsense bar staff.

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You can have a decent conversation with people and it tends not to attract the same wanna-be crowds that some of the other bridge and tunnel bars do. Some spillover occasionally from Nine.

louise and jerrys couple making out.JPGSome people even make out in this bar!!

Standard bar fun such as pool and a Big Buck Hunter video game to appease the individuals with ADD.

louise and jerrys pool.JPG

Overall it's a bit small, and the men's room is very narrow. Not much else to complain about.

One of the best in Hoboken!