Spirit Halloween Pop-up store back; Anthroplogie not yet

For those of you anticipating Anthropologie to open at 412 Washington Street will have to wait. Spirit Halloween is back with another pop-up store for Halloween 2012.

Jury still out on whether Anthropologie will actually ever open – we’ll find out after Halloween. We’ll all survive one way or another.

Hoboken Halloween Stores Ricky’s & Spirit ramping up!

9/28/2011 Update:

Those that want the first crack at the best Halloween costume selection in Hoboken should keep your eyes open, as the two annual “pop up stores” will both be open by the weekend.

  • Ricky’s Costume Superstore at 222 Washington Street hopes to open today – or by Thursday at the latest.
  • Spirit Halloween at 412 Washington Street is a bit behind, but said they should be open by this weekend. When told about their costume competitor down the street, they said “So what, we have a bigger selection, and higher quality merchandise!”


Same Halloween Pop-up stores in Hoboken; new locations

9/2/2011 Update:

Just like last year – both Ricky’s Costume Superstore and Spirit Halloween will provide Hoboken residents with ample choices for their spooktacular Halloween decorations and costumes – but both have new locations.

  • Ricky’s Costume Superstore – will be occupying the spot one door south of where they were last year. Their regular beauty supply store is currently at 222 Washington Street.
  • Spirit Halloween – They took the old Barnes & Noble spot in 2010 – now they’ll be occupying the old Blockbuster spot before Anthropologie takes over in 2012.

See last year’s Halloween Pop-up store info below…

Exceptional Halloween costume choices in Hoboken


While it never has to be Halloween to be spooked in Hoboken (massive tax increases), (corrupt politicians – FYI Cammarano starts his 2 years penitentiary vacation today), that doesn’t mean thousands of residents and visitors don’t participate in the annual “out of character” holiday.

But where do you buy your costumes?

As Hoboken411 told you months ago – Ricky’s Costume Superstore opened up their spot at 222 Washington Street recently. But unlike last year, where the store opened up as a seasonal “pop up” location, they’re staying for good this time. Once Halloween is over, Ricky’s is converting back to a full-service store selling cosmetics, makeup, skin care products and other accessories. A complete hair salon will be embedded as well. Pretty much direct competition to Makeovers, which is just a few blocks north.

Mega-store Spirit pops into old Barnes & Noble spot

Spirit Halloween opened up this past weekend at the previous Barnes & Noble location at 59 Washington Street. Spirit is the largest Halloween costume store, with over 800 locations in North America.

This pop-up store isn’t sticking around after the holiday, but it’s in a space more than 3x the size of Ricky’s – offers more choices, more staff and even non-Halloween costumes. The store is still stocking the shelves, but should be up to full speed by the end of the week.