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Hoboken based business sells cool stickers

Nearly two years ago, when Hoboken411 started the original “Photo of the Day” series – one of the first pictures published was of this GPS coordinates sticker seen on a car in town.

Well did you know that this company is based here in Hoboken?

Global Position Spot (gp-spot.com) sells stickers and magnets with your favorite place on them – complete with exact GPS coordinates for the center of said city or town. They currently have about 90 different cities available for purchase online ($5 ea. for stickers, $6 ea. for magnets – significant volume discounts apply) – and also make custom waypoints as well, but a minimum purchase of 25 units is required.

Owner Mike Tranquilli says: “Born here in Hoboken, NJ, GP-SPOT’s mark ‘Great-Place’ Spots around the country and globe with GPS coordinates. The decals and magnets are made from reflective vinyl and can be spotted at night from over 100 feet. Hoboken GP-SPOT decals and magnets are being sold now at Bill Kirchgessner’s store, The United Decorating Company, at 421 Washington Street!”

Want one for free?

Sorry all gone. I have four Hoboken GP-Spots to give away (2 stickers & 2 magnets) if anyone wants one. Just email Hoboken411 with your name & address and which one you want – and I’ll mail it out to you!

The magnets are great for refrigerators – and the vinyl stickers work great for your car or other smooth non-metal surface.


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