Hummus Bar Closed

Hummus Bar Closed in Hoboken NJ

Not sure what the deal is here, but the Hummus Bar closed for business recently. There appears to be work going on inside, but we’re not sure why such a new business would need to renovate. The Hummus Bar website doesn’t indicate why they’re closed.

With other recent falafel eateries closing such as Ibby’s Falafel and Maoz Vegetarian – perhaps the falafel war in Hoboken is over? I thought everyone loved this type of food – or is just Mamoun’s Falafel just killing them off one by one?

Hummus Bar Closed in Hoboken, NJ

Hummus Bar Hoboken – new ownership and menu

7/11/2012 Update:

Hummus Bar at 630 Washington Street has changed ownership, and has a “new” menu (see updated Hummus Bar menu here.)

The website changes to – but the phone number remains the same: (201)850-1000.

New Hummus Bar Mantra: “Passion for food”

“A new management team took over Hummus Bar. Their mantra “Passion for food” has lead into a great new menu and management.

The new team put in a sincere effort to bring in the best of world food into a delicious, fresh and hearty meal while using over 40 different herbs & spices and wide array of vegetables and meat with each one having its own nutritional value. The recipes are designed to carry flavorful taste and eliminate the unwanted fat.

Made fresh and on the premises, hummus bar now serves variety hummus and falafel flavors. New addition to the menu is food flavors from around the world including Thai, Indian and Moroccan. There is more vegetarian option including salads and wraps.

Join them and savor the healthy choice.”

Happy Humm’ing.

Description: Mediterranean restaurant. Serving hummus, falafel, various vegetarian and non-vegetarian salads and sandwiches. Eat-in, takeout or delivery.
Address: 630 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)850-1000

15 Responses

  1. Evelyn says:

    This is great news, I just hope the prices are fair.

  2. xyzpdq says:

    But will it be Arab Hummus or Israeli Hummus?

    • winesnob says:

      the menu from hamsa says glatt kosher, but if you switch the s and the a in hamsa you get hamas 😯 [quote comment=”196335″]But will it be Arab Hummus or Israeli Hummus?[/quote]

    • homeworld says:

      I see someone watched Hung last week.

      I wonder if this establishment knows that it’s customary for Hoboken kebab houses to serve prostitutes and cocaine, as well.[quote comment=”196335″]But will it be Arab Hummus or Israeli Hummus?[/quote]

  3. eleenyc says:

    Wow. The prince of foods

  4. anyway says:

    What’s up with Maoz moving into the little storefront on Wash around 5th? Anyone know? They would do great in Hoboken!

  5. dav74id says:

    Jump on and you have my business.

  6. Luckygirl says:

    They are going to have to sell a lot of Hummus to cover the rent I’m sure.. Good Luck!!

  7. hoboken411 says:

    As usual – they were a bit too hopeful with the time-frame. Problems with the fire alarm system yesterday continued today – and they’ve shifted the opening of the restaurant to Monday or Tuesday…

  8. homeworld says:

    Wow, I’m really surprised with how much seating they were able to fit in there. If that space was that big, what was Chicken And Rib Crib doing with it all?

  9. eleenyc says:

    That prince of foods— Hummus. Can’t wait for this and the vegetarian place (forget name)
    on 3rd or whatever.

  10. bradski says:

    Something on their menu looks like dog droppings.

  11. BklynHobo says:

    New menu looks great! Looking forward to giving it a try.

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