ProPark adds Garage at Maxwell Place

This may come as good news to the majority of Hoboken car owners who do not utilize a garage – and do not wish to trade their cars in for the Hertz on Demand (formerly Connect by Hertz) Corner Cars sharing program.

A new public parking garage has opened up at Maxwell Place (1125 Maxwell Lane) uptown. ProPark recently began making parking spots available for Hoboken residents – for the “going rate” of $275.00 per month. The garage – which is the same owners as the 15th and Garden St. Garage – also have daily rates as well: 1 hour: $5.00; 2 hours: $10.00; 3 hours: $15.00; Daily Max: $28.00.

Description: Secured indoor parking garage at Maxwell Place
Address: 1125 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201) 795-5285