4/4/2007 Mini Update:

See below for two reviews. A recent quick one-dish review and an otherwise mediocre one from last summer.

Description – Bar & Grill
Services – Bar, Lounge, Live music, Grill
Address – 531 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-4905
Telephone – (201) 963-7677

March 2007, Quesadilla review:

Was playing darts there the other day, and my friend ordered the Chicken Quesadilla. I had a piece. It was very good. For those that prefer breaded chicken cutlet over grilled, this is your place. Very flavorful and “stick to the ribs” tasty.

To quote Chris:

“Nice mix of chicken and cheese. Not sloppy and had a distinct flavor. Delicious. It’s big enough for two people, but I’m not complaining… I AM two people!”


And for a rather disappointing experience last summer….

August 2006:

What a beautiful weekend it was, so after milling around Hoboken for many hours, we decided to swing by Farside to try their menu out and see how it fared against other “bar menu” places.

Luckily there were not too many people out on this day, and we got a table. The bar inside was deserted, but understandably so.

Looking at their brief menu, we just ordered a few random greasy and unhealthy things as a hangover fix from the previous night.

Here’s a summary of what we ate, and what the verdicts were.

#1: Buffalo wings – “hot version”

  • Not horrible, but lacked any significant flavor.
  • Meat came off bones well enough.
  • Blue cheese dip was fine. Celery was plentiful and fresh.
  • Probably will not order these again, better choices in Hoboken. Maybe “DaBomb” version would be better?


#2: Potato Skins

  • Massive. Two whole potatoes topped with bacon and cheddar. Skins shouldn’t be like this. Too big.
  • Soggy and too thick. Which is how you’ll feel after eating them.
  • Flavor was eh, ok. Will not order these again in the future either.


#3: Big BLT

  • Bacon was good. Had a BBQ grilled taste which is a bonus. Way too much though. Had to remove some.
  • Was a bit too sloppy to manage. Maybe I just had the shakes.
  • Fries were nothing to write home about. Soggy.


#4: Side of Salt & Vinegar Fries

  • Again with the sog-factor.
  • No real “vinegar” taste.
  • We hardly ate any.


We didn’t have a downright nasty meal (like at Texas Arizona previously), but the food just didn’t hit the right spot on this day. Maybe the “Fat Bastard” burger is their signature dish. But again, this is bar food, with a target market comprised of people that drink, and then get hungry. Easy to please patrons, I’d imagine.

We’ll try again eventually.

Anyone else have good/bad experiences there? Good/bad days of the week? Different chefs? They do seem to have a consistently decent crowd.