11/29/2006 Update:

How can it be a Bayonne Community Bank, when it’s in Hoboken? Explain that!


See how it used to look after the jump.

It seems the old Savings Asylum is becoming yet another Bank. At least that’s what was on the permit when we walked by yesterday.


But they’re maintaining the “historic” look of the rest of the building. Joy.


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  1. YipYap says:

    This town is definetly overbanked. Seems like the Hoboken demographics looked attractive when the banks decided to buy propery and open branches here, but it seems they all made the decision at the same time.
    Some of these branches will close.

  2. BigD says:


    What I hate about so many banks is that at 4pm they close make the streets barren. That doesn’t add to quality of life at all.

    I’d much rather see a legitimate sandwich deli or some other actual service that is open in the evenings or on weekends. You know, the time when I’m actually in Hoboken to live and do stuff.

  3. Furey says:

    If a legitimate sandwich deli could afford $7,500-10,000 rents i’m sure they would open.

    No new bars can open on Washington Street, due to the liquor license ban. This also prohibits new restaurants that want to serve liquor (which is the best money maker for them).

    We reap what we sow. The exploding housing market has created this situation. Rents skyrocket along with the values of homes, and now it will be very hard for more unique stores to open unless they have VERY deep pockets to stay in business.

  4. noone says:

    are you fing kidding me????? this truly makes me sick.

  5. b says:

    there’s another Wachovia going in uptown in the new applied building too.

  6. westy says:

    Didn’t the City hire an expert for big bucks to revitalize Washington Street?

    What ever happened ?

  7. xavier says:

    Sorry Westy. This **is** thr revitalization.

  8. zxcv says:

    The only possible upside here is that it will be Bayonne Community Bank, a local bank, rather than another Chase, BofA or HSBC. If you think that smaller local banks give better, more personalized service, this could be a good place.

  9. homeworld says:

    damn, I was hoping for a nail salon or cell phone store.

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