What’s up with the Hoboken School Lunches?

Since I don’t have any kids here in the Hoboken school system, it’s not always easy to be on top of each and every conundrum that takes place on a daily basis.

But apparently – something has gone awry with the school lunch debit card system (what ever happened to just paying cash for lunch? God, it’s been so long…), and now parents are getting bills for over-debiting their child’s account.

One parent (and Hoboken Realtor) writes about it on a blog – and another 411 reader and parent sent this photo in, saying:

“The Hoboken board of Ed sent home “bills” with students on Tuesday of last week which gave a name to make the checks payable to and a contact number, and that’s it. On Wednesday, they began refusing to feed the children who had received these notes, but failed to inform parents of these intentions. It took three days, and 46 phone calls to actually speak to someone, and learn that my sons account had a glitch, and the bill was being voided. What? How about all the other parents who haven’t gotten through yet? Needless to say, they were unable (unwilling?) to tell me what I owed the public school system money for, but quick to say after three days of denying him lunch, please disregard. My son did overhear something from teachers about Wallace owing the state 40 grand, but I don’t know the validity of that.”

Hoboken411 reached out to several Board of Education members, and will update the story (or comments) accordingly with their response.