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With New Year’s Eve approaching fast – now might be a good time to discuss some booze!

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There’s a big wine price disparity in Hoboken

For the past couple months, I’ve been trying to lay off the beer, and enjoy a more sophisticated drink like a nice red wine. And I’m not they type of drinker that consumes so much that I keep a vast inventory in the “apartment cellar,” and usually purchase a bottle when I want one.

However, I’ve noticed that there are huge price differences just between liquor stores on Washington Street. For instance, I’ve been known to pick up a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz Cabernet blend from time to time, and was shocked when realized there was a six dollar differential between Yash Liquors ($14.99) and Delite Convenience ($8.99). I randomly checked other stores, and the prices for many items were all over the map.

It’s time to begin stocking!

I hate getting ripped off, and once I know a place over-charges, I refuse to buy that item from them going forward. And I don’t want to just “settle” for a particular bottle that may be on sale – nope. So while I risk becoming an alcoholic, I guess I have to begin the ‘ole Hoboken wine cellar, and buy the items I like in bulk.

I stopped by the new Buy Rite Liquor store in Jersey City last week, and was blown away (more on that later) – and they had everything I wanted at or around the lowest price in the area. So if I have to drive out there and pick up a couple cases – I will. Makes sense to buy in bulk these days, right?

What is your method of buying wine? Do you limit yourself to just Hoboken establishments? Or do you travel to score the best deals (like a Buy Rite or Stew Leonard’s?)

Speaking of Stew Leonard’s, did you know that you can even buy wine online directly from them (NJ locations in Clifton and Paramus) – and they ship FREE for orders over $100? I put together a nice collection (a case) of Californian, Australian and Spanish red wines for exactly $100.35 (plus tax) delivered!

Do you have any wine buying tips you’d like to share?

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  1. homeworld says:

    A&P is pretty good for alcohol when it comes to prices.

  2. hobokendave says:

    Yeah, basically if you want decent prices for anything, A&P is about it. But it’s not just liquor…some standard grocery items have wildly varying prices in the stores on Washington St including Kings and there is no rhyme or reason. Some are cheaper at Kings or more expensive.

  3. DrunkenLou says:

    You should definitely give Jersey Wine and Spirits a try. Its located at 492 Jersey Ave in downtown Jersey City. They deliver to Hoboken as long as you meet the $25 dollar minimum. They offer 20 percent off on cases of wine. And they also have a great selection of beers…definitely better than what you can find in Hoboken. I tried Buy Rite but i could tell that the guys running the place didn’t know jack about wines.

  4. nuttyirishman says:

    delite market, great for the 5th Street restaurants!

  5. elainetyger says:

    I go to the guy at 7th and Park. He has steered me to some good tasting wines that aren’t expensive, and he doesn’t ask for ID like the idiots at A&P. I won’t buy liquor at the A&P because I’m old enough that it’s nobody’s business anymore how old I am.

    • plywood says:

      Liquor store @ 7th and Park: Garden Wine & Liquor, Phil Feinstein, blue ribbon (and I don’t mean PBR). Second generation store. Great guy, no-nonsense advice on wine and beer and whatever with best prices around. I worked with a guy who used to buy a 12 of Rolling Rock every week there and take it on the subway all the way back to Brooklyn because of the spread between Phil’s and Brooklyn’s prices. I thought this was a bit extreme but it gives you some idea. If you need Marsala wine for a cooking recipe for example, he will steer you to the most economical bottle that fits the bill. No staff, Phil is a one man army with fast delivery guys. Classic Hoboken business, not trying to impress anybody with anything but the prices, which strangely enough they don’t put in the window anymore. Just give him a shot, you’ll be back.

      In response to elainetyger who said:

      I go to the guy at 7th and Park. He has steered me to some good tasting wines that aren’t expensive, and he doesn’t ask for ID like the idiots at A&P. I won’t buy liquor at the A&P because I’m old enough that it’s nobody’s business anymore how old I am.

  6. YipYap says:

    A&P has the best prices in town for wine and a good selection of California wines to boot. Shop Rite isn’t too bad a buck or so higher for some California wines but not all. Sparrow is a bit higher but not all wines and they have the best selection of Italian and French and German wines. Most of the smaller liquor stores cannot buy in volume they are at a disadvantage and hence in some cases are $7-$10 a bottle more expensive elsewhere.

    All depends on your taste, time to shop and storage space. If I had a wine cellar I would simple stock up by the case when possible. Since most places in town can only have storage for a wine fridge then as they say in French “obtenu vous par les boules”.

  7. DEADMAU5 says:

    i prefer to use my bath tub, water, fruit, sugar and let nature take its course

  8. getz76 says:

    I buy about five cases a year from a couple of California wineries. I have it shipped these days rather than carrying it back on the plane. This is enough to drink and maintain a bit of a library. I will buy a bottle here and there as necessary.

    The best prices and selection in the area is at Shopper’s Wine on Rt. 22 in Union. Nice folks, great selection, and lovely prices.

    Crush in Manhattan is also a great spot. Very nice folks and a great selection.

    It really depends on what kind of wine drinker you are. If you are casual about it and really do not care, just pick up something on sale. There’s nothing at all wrong with that.

    If you want to make a habit out of wine, start buying by the case to see if you really enjoy it. Join two winery clubs; that way you get too try different varietals from the same wine maker. Take notes.

  9. 9 says:

    I always go to Hoboken Vine because it’s right down the street and they’ve never steered me wrong with recommendations, but I’m sure there are cheaper options. I have to go investigate the new Buy-Rite, for one. And for those with cars, the Trader Joe’s in Westfield has an unreal selection of really inexpensive, really good wine. The one in Edgewater doesn’t have a liquor license, which sucks because it’s so much closer.

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