With New Year’s Eve approaching fast – now might be a good time to discuss some booze!

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There’s a big wine price disparity in Hoboken

For the past couple months, I’ve been trying to lay off the beer, and enjoy a more sophisticated drink like a nice red wine. And I’m not they type of drinker that consumes so much that I keep a vast inventory in the “apartment cellar,” and usually purchase a bottle when I want one.

However, I’ve noticed that there are huge price differences just between liquor stores on Washington Street. For instance, I’ve been known to pick up a bottle of Rosemount Shiraz Cabernet blend from time to time, and was shocked when realized there was a six dollar differential between Yash Liquors ($14.99) and Delite Convenience ($8.99). I randomly checked other stores, and the prices for many items were all over the map.

It’s time to begin stocking!

I hate getting ripped off, and once I know a place over-charges, I refuse to buy that item from them going forward. And I don’t want to just “settle” for a particular bottle that may be on sale – nope. So while I risk becoming an alcoholic, I guess I have to begin the ‘ole Hoboken wine cellar, and buy the items I like in bulk.

I stopped by the new Buy Rite Liquor store in Jersey City last week, and was blown away (more on that later) – and they had everything I wanted at or around the lowest price in the area. So if I have to drive out there and pick up a couple cases – I will. Makes sense to buy in bulk these days, right?

What is your method of buying wine? Do you limit yourself to just Hoboken establishments? Or do you travel to score the best deals (like a Buy Rite or Stew Leonard’s?)

Speaking of Stew Leonard’s, did you know that you can even buy wine online directly from them (NJ locations in Clifton and Paramus) – and they ship FREE for orders over $100? I put together a nice collection (a case) of Californian, Australian and Spanish red wines for exactly $100.35 (plus tax) delivered!

Do you have any wine buying tips you’d like to share?