Local Barre opens 2nd Hoboken location at 44 Hudson Place

Local Barre Core Fitness has sprouted a 2nd location in Hoboken after opening their first spot at Maxwell Place in 2010.

They are currently offering grand opening specials for their new 44 Hudson Place studio, which officially opens on August 1, 2012.

According to their flier – the specials are $42 for three classes, $99 a month for unlimited, and $1999 for annual unlimited. Not sure about you guys – but I’m having trouble understanding what the financial incentive is for buying a year up-front… isn’t it supposed to be cheaper?

Anyway – wonder if the demise of the old Curves Fitness for Women had something to do with their expansion?

Local Barre opens doors at Maxwell Place

4/23/2010 Update:

On Wednesday, April 21st – Local Barre Core Fitness opened for business at 1180 Maxwell Lane.

Hoboken’s most unique fitness studio is filling up classes quickly. At the present time, they have about eight classes per day – even some for kids (in the A.M.)

Check out the Local Barre Website for more information on membership rates, types of classes and more! Official Grand Opening to come soon.

What is Local Barre?


Last week, Hoboken411 provided some updates about what new businesses are coming to Maxwell Place.

One of those places was thought to be a “Yoga Studio,” however it’s actually a unique core fitness establishment called “Local Barre.”

Local Barre Core Fitness Classes Hoboken NJ 1125 Maxwell Lane 1

“Local Barre is inspired by the fascinating life of Lotte Berk who we think is the Bee’s Knees of core fitness!

Local Barre Core Fitness Classes Hoboken NJ 1125 Maxwell Lane RATESLotte Berk, born in Germany to Jewish parents, developed into a beautiful dancer in the 1920’s and 30’s when the profession was regarded as disapprovingly as prostitution. Among the Jewish culture, dance was particularly prohibited, yet Lotte flaunted the Nazis by dancing on stage. In the 30’s, Lotte and her dancer husband fled Nazi Germany and started working in liberal London where ballet was more widely accepted. She went on to become a famous European dancer until the late 40s when she suffered a severe spinal injury in a car accident. In an effort to rehabilitate herself, with the help of an osteopath, she developed the rudiments of a new exercise method based on her experience with dancing. She opened an exercise studio in 1959 in a cramped, drafty basement studio on London’s Manchester Street which remained a best kept secret of the elite for decades.

Among her loyal clientele of the rich and famous were Joan Collins, Britt Ekland, Barbra Streisand, Lee Radziwill, Sian Phillips, Edna O’Brien and Yasmin Le Bon. Lotte was also known for her peculiar way of life, flirting with men although she was married and even moving in with a painter for two years with her husband’s permission. She was described as having a formidable presence, always dressed in black from head to toe, with a shiny black bob, pale skin, piercing dark eyes, and signature red lips. Lotte’s eccentric sexuality was reflected in her revolutionary fitness method which consisted of suggestive pelvic movements said to improve women’s sex lives. She gave her exercises bizarre, even risqué names such as the Prostitute, the Peeing Dog and the French Lavatory.”

Are you excited about this unique fitness studio coming to Hoboken?

Local Barre Core Fitness Classes Hoboken NJ 1125 Maxwell Lane 2

Description: Alternative Fitness Studio
Address: 1180 Maxwell Lane, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Address: 44 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Web: http://www.localbarre.com
Phone: (201) 710-5994, (347) 684-0347
Email: info@localbarre.com