Wow, priorities change in a jiffy!

If you were one of the few people that gave two craps about the Hoboken City Council meeting earlier this week – you might have noticed an interesting speaker.
Hoboken resident Richard Pasquarelli holds a traffic signal protest at City Hall

Almost exactly one year ago today, Hoboken resident Mr. Richard Pasquarelli was essentially the lead spokesperson for a group of citizens who stormed city hall with signs and megaphones demanding that taxes get cut, and properties get re-valued in order to reduce the “unfair” disparity that currently exists between property taxpayers.

Now that the myriad of elections are over, and a “new” adminstration is in place – with no substantial tax cuts or property revals in sight – Pasquarelli has curiously changed his mission objective!

Revolt against BAD stop lights!

Well, at this week’s Council Meeting, Pasquarelli took the time to stay late into the night to speak about the 5-way intersection at 11th and Hudson Street / Sinatra Drive. Furious about how short the green light was.
11th and Hudson Streets Hoboken NJ Intersection Richard Pasquarelli City Council Tax Revolt Property Revaluation

In fairness, I’ve been stuck at this light a couple times, but not enough to motivate me to go to city hall – maybe he’s just getting his fix of city politics any way possible. I’d imagine a banana peel on the sidewalk will be the next item on the agenda. Also, I’ve spoken to Richard, and it seems that (from my perspective) that he was “all politicked out” and essentially threw in the towel regarding the taxes and revaluation. However, it seemed a bit against the grain that he gave up on that, but had the energy to gripe about a traffic signal.

Whatever. Do you have issues with the 11th Street traffic light?