6/5/2007 Update:

New awning outside, same food inside.

2/14/2007 Update:

Read Guest review below!!

Description – Popular, “fun” restaurant & bar on the uptown end of Hoboken. Good Mexican food & Margaritas. Subsidized parking at 1415 Park Ave. Zagat rated. Entrée price range $10-$14.
Services – Mexican cuisine, Bar, Take Out, Lunch specials, Early bird specials, Free Parking
Website – www.bajamexicancuisine.com
Address – 104 14th St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – 201-653-0610


2/14/2007 Review:

Today’s review comes from Hoboken411 reader “Willow.” Thanks for your contribution! It made me hungry just publishing it!

My friends and I decided on Baja tonight since it has always been tasty in the past and on this cold night they offer free parking (at the garage on 14th and park). First came our drink orders it was your typical mixture of ice tea, soda, and a beer. The order was for diet coke but like other establishments this was the fountain substitute, YUCKY!

We started off ordering an order of guacamole and jalapeño poppers for appetizers. The waitress brought out a basket of tortilla chips and the house salsa which was very tasty. It had a bit of smoky flavor and we gobbled those down fast. Out came our guacamole (which we did order the large portion) it also comes in a smaller size. It was good but we felt it lacked a some flavoring. Maybe some salt and lime might have helped. We soon realized that the poppers were M.I.A. and we asked the waitress who admitted she forgot. What is it with wait staff that refuses to write anything down?


Anyhow the rest of the meal was on course with the main dishes of : Baja tacos, chicken verde enchiladas, shrimp and chicken fajitas, and ground beef tacos.

The Baja tacos were a disappointment. The bottom was covered in grease and they did not have much flavor. The refried beans that accompanied it were too runny and again lacked in flavor.

The chicken verde enchiladas were good. The sauce should have been spicier but the chicken was good quality. The black beans that came on the side were a little undercooked.

The ground beef tacos were reported as being dry and not seasoned but when loaded with salsa and other condiments satiating.

Lastly, the shrimp and chicken fajitas were determined to be the hit of the night. Large shrimp and hunks of chicken came out on one of those sizzling plates along with tortillas, guacamole and rice.

Of course, being typical women we decided to share some deserts. We choose the tres leches and the chocolate banana with ice cream. Reading the menu we thought the description of the banana desert was not fried. It was fried but that didn’t stop us from practically licking the plate. The tres leches was excellent as well.

Overall, the food was fair. The service which started a little off finished well. I am sure we will return in the future and hopefully they up the seasoning quotient.

Old Awning: