Do You Have “4 Block Radius” syndrome in Hoboken?

How often, why, and how far do you venture out?


Though my work gets me outside of my own neighborhood on a daily basis, I take note that I may be in the minority in that respect. For example: I have friends who live on the far southwestern fringe of town who rarely venture to Washington Street or the parks along the Hudson River; frequently my offers to meet up with friends at a watering hole across town are declined in favor of those spots that are around their own corners; and most people I know admit they eat most at places right down the street. This leads me to conjecture that most of us prefer to operate in our own neighborhood “microcosms,” and perhaps prefer not to venture into the territory even five or six blocks away.

If that is the case, there are a variety of explanations:

  • Laziness:(After a long day there is no time or energy to explore)
  • Risk:(Why walk eight blocks to watch the game when we’re satisfied enough with our sports bar, etc.?)
  • Economics:(Finances during this economic slump are keeping us all closer to home, period!)
  • Social Factors:(It’s nice to see familiar faces and frequent places where people know your name)

How far do you travel in Hoboken?

Assuming one or more of these factors may apply to each of us, the more thought-provoking questions may actually be: Do we ever venture outside of our neighborhood microcosms? And, if so, what is actually worth venturing across the Mile Square for, in your opinion?