Charrito’s Uptown – Just opened

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Description – Mexican cuisine.
Address – 1024 Washington St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 659-2800
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July 2006

Charrito’s Uptown location is a very popular Mexican restaurant these days. Don’t be fooled by their small and cramped outdoor seating area (which I think stinks by the way). It holds 12 seats very tightly. Uncomfortable. We chose to sit inside this time. The seating inside was much more comfortable and suitable for taller people.
The interior feel of Charrito’s is very appealing. Plentiful seating (50 up front, and 16 in the back room, plus small bar location), genuine Mexican articles, good atmosphere and a big psuedo-Mayan wall lit up with candles.

charritos uptown interior 2.JPG

charritos uptown mayan.JPG

We didn’t have their signature Guacamole, because we have had that item before. But if you’ve never been there, it’s worth the $9.95. Home made right in front of you, and to your taste.
Instead we chose the all-in-one Nachos as an appetizer. Very delicious (and kinda sloppy), as we like it. In our opinion, a little pricey ($12.95) for a plate of nachos, but that’s the price you pay for authenticity.

charritos uptown large nachos.JPG

For entrees, we chose the Pueblo combo and the burritos.

The presentation was good and the taste for both was adequate, but didn’t knock us out. The chimi-changa I had with the pueblo dish was a bit rubbery, as well as the stuffed pepper. But I guess that’s how they like it in Oaxaca. I personally dug the slightly more tex-mex version at Baja.

charritos uptown pueblo combo.JPG

charritos uptown burritos.JPG

Charrito’s definitely is a decent Mexican restaurant, a tad on the pricey side. However, the food is pretty good, the entree portions were generous, and the service we’ve had their has been excellent. We never had them make any sangria, however, I have also heard that it was too much, considering you already bought the wine. And despite hearing bad things about the service there during peak hours, we’ve never experienced it.

We’ll be back to try their signature dishes exclusively next time.