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12/07/2006 Review:

“Brooklyn Style Pizza” is what Domino’s is calling their latest crap-riffic creation. The Domino’s chain itself is Hell’s presence on Earth, and the Hoboken location represents the Devil’s head demon. From awful delivery times and screw-ups, to that tortuous announcer during the hold music, and days of agony while digesting the “food”.

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Ok, maybe I was being a bit over the top. I am having trouble with the reasoning behind even trying this, beyond the fact that I was honestly curious to see if they can make a pizza that tastes somewhat like what a pizza is supposed to taste like.

After reading a review on that great NY Pizza review blog SliceNY, where they said: “Is the pizza good? No. But strangely, yes.”, I wanted to see for myself.

Ah, but it gets very annoying. It wasn’t as simple as calling up, placing the order, and receiving it.

I tried last week, but after two hours, the pizza never showed up. Multiple calls, “the driver just left” each time, I could only imagine what the screw up was. After 2 hours and 18 minutes, I called and spoke with the manager. I received a future “credit” for my troubles.

Today, I tried again. Ordered a Brooklyn Style Pepperoni Pizza. Lo and Behold, they arrived quickly (about 35 minutes.) Pizza was missing the pepperoni. I guess that’s what a free pizza is supposed to look like.

What is the verdict? I’ll sum it up in a few points:

  1. Domino’s never killed me. It’s just not real pizza. This was the closest they’ve ever come. But they’re still far away.
  2. Crust was the best one they’ve ever done (for them at least). Was thin and not as filling as the rest of their carb masterpieces.
  3. Taste was essentially the same as the rest. I didn’t notice much difference in the cheese. Didn’t taste like Provolone. Uninspiring.
  4. If you ever need to order a Domino’s in a pinch, this version is by far your best bet. Haven’t tried the two toppings yet, and will probably never try.

The things I do for this website. Sigh.

One thing, though. If I ever have a dream about that endless loop of product promotions I heard over and over again while on hold for 12 minutes, I WILL storm over to the Domino’s headquarters and make it stop. Cheesy Breadsticks, Buffalo Kickers, and ice-cold Coke, “Get the door, it’s Hoboken411 here to lay a beating on everyone!”

Pizza chain

Description – Pizza counter.
Services – Pizza, buffalo wings, bread sticks. Take Out, Delivery
Website –
Address – 462 Newark St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-2445
Telephone – (201) 653-3700


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  1. CharlieAParker says:

    Over 20 comments in 2 hours, watch out Joey!

    Domino’s is not pizza, period. That being said, about once a year I get one with bacon, hamburger and cheddar. I love that combo.

  2. dirtyjerz says:

    Only once have I ever had a problem with Domino’s, where they forgot our soda. Otherwise, their delivery times are rather quick. Compared to say, the fire department, which took 20min to get to our apt building, thankfully during a false alarm.

    However, their ‘large’ pizza is pretty pathetic.

  3. wgenese says:

    Ordering Domino’s pizza in this neck of the woods is analogous to ordering Taco Bell in Mexico.
    Kooky, I think there might be a twelve step program in town for you. Domino’s Anonymous:-)

  4. MidnightRacer says:

    wgenese, surely you acknowledge that there are some awful pizza shops in the North East. N.E. area is not pizza paradise. Up here, you can’t tell which is the princess and who’s the oger. Finding a decent pie shop around here is like dating in NYC. You have no idea how it’ll turn out. Yes there are some great pizza shops, but the path to those are through horrendous yucky woods of fake, 3 day old slices heated/frozen/reheated thingamagigs which only resemble pizzas only in geometric shape.

    Believe it or not, Taco Bell does quite well in Mexico.

  5. MidnightRacer says:

    I think that’s the love/hate relationship with Domino’s. They are the significant other we keep dumping but always end up make a later night booty call, of course without admitting to our friends about it…

  6. SFH says:

    Well, of course there are “some awful pizza shops in the Northeast”. Just as-no doubt- there is some awful Memphis style BBQ in Memphis and some awful cheesesteak in Philadelphia and so on. Just because an area is known for doing a certain type of food really well it doesn’t mean that every place that prepares that food is going to do it well. That said, I always took good pizza (hand tossed, thin crust preferably baked in a coal-fired oven) for granted until I moved out of the Northeast. If I want pizza and know I’ll be in the Northeast in a matter of days, for example, I’ll just wait until I get there to have it rather than order from Domino’s!

  7. elvisroberts says:

    [quote comment=”7449″]You can’t tell which is the princess and who’s the oger. Finding a decent pie shop around here is like dating in NYC.[/quote]

    that’s like staying too long at the happy hour with your work friends and then hooking up with that person you SWORE you would never get to close to!

    i am starting to think that 411’ers are lazy and blame their bad food choices on delivery people who, in most cases, would be doing a different job if they had the ability/ opportunity to do so. Here’s a tip to all you people–want to know what the food from ____ REALLY tastes like? Either eat there or get off your ass and go pick it up!

    (and no, I’ve neither eaten at Joey’s nor have any financial stake in that pinky-ring wearing Pig House
    (though i do laugh every time I look at it!)

  8. timber says:

    the best pizza is in the paulus hook section of jersey city called la rustique

  9. TVJIM says:

    I wouldn;t Dominoes if it were for free!

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