The Turtle Club Update

1/28/2010 Update:

Turtle Club coming first week of Feb. (next week!)

Stopped by the Turtle Club (at 936 Park Ave. – the former Goldhawk) last night – and got some exciting news! They hope to open one day next week!

Here’s what I found out, along with some of my initial observations:

  • The layout is very similar to the Goldhawk, except that the front bar feels bigger, because the middle island was removed as well as the shelving behind the bar, plus the installation of mirrors – giving it a sense of more “openness.”
  • The “mini kitchen” allows for some very basic dishes to be served: meat and cheese plates, paninis, and other “stove cooked” items and salads.
  • More focus on wine – with a large selection of moderately priced bottles. Also remember that, because The Turtle Club is a “pick and pack,” and you can buy alcohol to go up until closing time. You may want that extra bottle after the regular liquor stores close. Oh and eight beers on tap, too.
  • A big deal: Bathrooms greatly improved – with a three person capacity in each. The old Goldhawk had some of the dumpiest bathrooms in Hoboken. Hooray!

The Turtle Club has an overall warm, welcoming feel to the place, and the owners don’t intend on it being a “frou-frou” establishment, so anyone wearing practically anything can chill out and have some delicious beverages. They also still plan to have a few musical or artistic events each month.

Three flat panel TV’s throughout will typically be broadcasting a popular sports game or two. Hey, you might even want to catch the Super Bowl there?

Will update this again once they open!

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12/22/2009 Update:

Turtle Club Coming Soon!

Some quick photo updates for the Hoboken Turtle Club, which is taking the space of the old Goldhawk at 10th and Park.

Hoboken Turtle Club NJ 10th Park NJ
Hoboken Turtle Club NJ 10th Park NJ interior

While we wait for the new drinking establishment to open – check out some of these links:

Who else can’t wait till they open?


Turtle Club supposedly coming Fall 2009

As one Hoboken411 reader mentioned previously – the old Goldhawk bar which closed recently, and used to feature musical acts and open mic nights – is undergoing what Obama would call a “fundamental transformation.”

“A bartender recently told me he’s re-opening here “hopefully in October” with a new place called “Turtle Club.” Didn’t seem like he was too interested in having live music. They want more dining tables in that back room.”


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6 years 4 months ago

From what I understand they plan on having live music in the front while using the back room as more of a lounge. They will have food but will focus a lot on having a good raw bar.

I believe they want it to be a lounge area that serves food.

6 years 4 months ago

I heard “liquor in the front and poker in the rear”

6 years 4 months ago

You bet your sweet ass I am!

ricky roma
6 years 4 months ago

don’t know about opening in october – they are completely gutting the inside. is it me or does the name tell you a lot about this place? sounds like it is going to be really cheesy.

ricky roma
6 years 4 months ago

i stand corrected:

Quite simply, the Turtles are a drinking fraternity that exists in the United States of America as a fun-and-honor group usually within the local lodge or post, sort of a side degree. It traces its honorable origins back to the Second World War, on January 12, 1943 in an English pub, when a group of fighter pilots formed a semisecret drinking fraternity among its squadron’s members, and put prospective candidates for membership through a mock initiation.