1/19/2011 Update:

Walgreens set to open in Hoboken

The shelves are being stocked as the downtown Walgreens gets ready to open in Hoboken.

This is great news for the ladies, because look at all the great Valentine’s Day merchandise they have!

PS – Walgreens is hiring as well. Go to www.walgreens.com/jobs for more info.


8/2/2010 Update:

Walgreens getting close to opening in the Mile Square

Sign hangers were in action this afternoon at the soon-to-open Walgreens at First and Washington. The new signage approved by the Historic Preservation Commission is design to work with the lines of the old bank building. A lot of effort has gone into re-purposing the bank inside and out. After the jump see the architect’s plans for the transformation, and how Hoboken411 broke the news that CVS was getting major competition.

Will you change your downtown drugstore habits when Walgreens opens? Do you love CVS so much you will continue to run the gauntlet of beggars and cake tourists just for the thrill of checking yourself out on the self-serve machines? Comment below!

3/22/2010 Update:

Walgreens moving along on Washington St.

Work continues on the old bank building that Hoboken411 told you first would become a Walgreens. While the non-union labor continues to prepare the old bank for it’s new life, here’s an exclusive look at what you’ll see when the project is complete. The antique bank partitions will be stored in the basement. New lighting will be installed to illuminate rows of health and beauty aids, paper goods, greeting cards and everything else you’d expect to find there.

Are the days numbered for your old friend CVS a block away?


Say sayonara to CVS if this happens!

Walgreens wants to open a new store in downtown Hoboken. The nationwide drug/convenience store chain has its eye on moving into the historic bank structure on the northeast corner of First and Washington. TD BankNorth closed the branch after buying Commerce Bank and deciding they didn’t need two branches within two blocks of each other.


Walgreens is presenting plans to the Hoboken Historic Preservation Commission that include keeping the building intact. The store will fill the existing floor space inside and the parking lot will remain to serve customers.

The Walgreens plan is a reprieve for the bank building that has stood since 1929. Not long ago the City Council rejected Dave Roberts proposal to turn most of that block – including the Police Headquarters and Bank of America branch on Second and Hudson – into a Redevelopment Area. Roberts wanted to up-zone the block for high rise buildings so he could sell the Police HQ quickly to fill his budget gap.

Would you welcome Walgreens to Hoboken?