WindMill Hot Dogs Closing

Windmill Hot Dogs Closing in Hoboken

A Year Later Hurricane Sandy Still Wreaking Havoc

Windmill Hot Dogs closes in Hoboken NJThe WindMill of Hoboken was off to a running start and then BAMM….. Hurricane Sandy hit! Although the restaurant itself did not sustain damage, the Path Station was severely affected, as were many neighboring homes and businesses. Due to flooding and the closure of the Path Station, locals had to find alternative ways into NYC. The commuters stopped coming and pedestrian traffic in front of the once busy location thinned daily. As a result, The WindMill of Hoboken’s steadily growing business began to shrink more and more each day. Simply put, after Hurricane Sandy, things were just never the same.

Despite the circumstances, the Hoboken owners, Roger and Tim, were fiercely committed to keeping the location open. In fact, they so believe in the strength of the WindMill brand that they opened a second location in Brick, NJ, this past May.

They were hoping once the Path was repaired, everyone in Hoboken would get back to their usual commutes and their usual patronage of the WindMill. Unfortunately, it eventually became obvious that, after such an extended closure, their Hoboken customers had found new ways to travel, new places to park and new restaurants to frequent. So this Monday, with heavy hearts, after many months of continually declining business, they decided to close the doors in Hoboken in order to better concentrate their efforts on the new Brick location.

Rena Levine Levy and Steven Levine, owners of the WindMill Franchise Company, have stated that while they regret the closing, they must acknowledge the valiant efforts made by the owners of the location. “Roger and Tim have nothing to be ashamed of; they both worked tirelessly to make their business work. Sandy was an unexpected catastrophe and the aftermath was just too large to overcome.” stated Steven Levine. Rena Levine Levy went on to add, “We are saddened at this loss, but look forward to the continued success of the WindMill of Brick and to Roger and Tim opening several more locations at the Jersey Shore.”

Roger and Tim wish to extend their sincere thanks to everyone who supported the WindMill and would like to assure their friends in Hoboken that, should another opportunity arise, they would be delighted to someday make a return. Both believe there is nothing better than a WindMill hot dog and both agree it has been their pleasure to serve Hoboken the very best. They also look forward to future opportunities to prove YOU CAN’T KEEP A GOOD DOG DOWN!

WindMill Hot Dogs on the block in Hoboken

10/1/2013 Update:

A little over a year after opening – the Hoboken Windmill Hot Dogs is for sale. The restaurant space can be yours for a measly $250k (plus rent, etc.) which you can keep running as a WindMill – or turn it into your own fast food joint.

Not sure why the guys who so happily started it are looking to get out. But I’m sure their reasoning probably makes sense.

If not a WindMill – what would score tons of points with residents and visitors of Hoboken?

Windmill hot dogs for sale hoboken NJ

WindMill Grand Opening celebration in Hoboken, NJ

5/11/2012 Update:

This afternoon – local celebrities Artie Lange, Danny Aiello and others celebrated the official grand opening of WindMill Hot Dogs downtown at 79 Hudson Street. See select photos below.

Thanks to Ian from East View Photography for the pics!

Windmill Hot Dogs set up open soon in Hoboken

4/19/2012 update:

The wait for WindMill “Gourmet Fast Food” will soon be over!

The new restaurant located at 79 Hudson Street is on the home stretch of renovations since taking over the spot from Lucky’s Burgers a few months ago.

Some notable changes to the establishment include rearranging the kitchen apparatus, making the griddle the “star attraction,” and one of the things that will first catch your eye when you walk in. Who doesn’t like to see “smiling hot dogs?”

Additionally, WindMill locations each have a custom murals painted inside, which reflect the character of the city or area they’re in. The Hoboken WindMill mural of course, is expected to have a depiction of Frank Sinatra, as well as other pop-culture icons – which will add to the fun experience patrons will have. The seating capacity is approximately 28 inside, and 22 outside during “sidewalk season.”

WindMill is especially proud of the quality of their food. From the hot dogs (which you can even buy in some select supermarkets), to the burgers, chicken sandwiches and even custom-cut rib-eye steaks. It looks like low-carbers can also get in on the action, with garden salads topped with any of their meats. The cheese fries are also known to be a very popular item.

Lastly, WindMill will have super-late hours on Fridays and Saturdays (open till 4am), as well as delivery – which will really appeal to residents in all corners of Hoboken.

Stay tuned for their “soft” opening (as soon as mid-next week), and other fun locally-inspired surprises that are in the works!

Good luck WindMill!

WindMill finally comes to Hoboken – replaces Lucky’s Burger

3/7/2012 Update:

It’s been about three years in the business rumor mill here in on Hoboken411 – and has finally become reality.

WindMill Hot Dogs (burgers & fries too) is taking the spot at 79 Hudson Street downtown. Something must have been wrong with Lucky’s Famous Burgers if they couldn’t survive in the drunkest section of Hoboken!

We wish WindMill luck!

Description: “Gourmet” Fast Food, hot dogs, burgers, fries, BBQ packs, and more.
Address: 79 Hudson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD

Is Windmill in Jeopardy in Hoboken?

7/28/2009 Update:

Oh boy, it seems as if the building that Windmill Hotdogs and Burgers was moving into is now for rent again! Although the Windmill website still has a Hoboken location coming soon – I only wonder if they found a better spot. I emailed them once again to see what the deal is.

Less burger choices in Hoboken would rank up there with Mayoral Corruption!


Discussions with WindMill Hot Dogs in Hoboken

6/29/2009 Update:

Windmill emailed me back, saying:

“It is actually a bit off the corner in the building that was a dentist’s office. Construction has started up again and we hope to be opened late summer. Thanks for inquiry!”


Windmill Hot Dogs & Burgers!



More South Jersey in Hoboken

According to the Windmill Hot Dogs website, expect Hoboken to have yet another place to entertain your non-vegetarian cravings!

As you can see – they ambiguously list the location as “Corner of Fifth and Washington…”

Which leads me to think…


Is the 7-Eleven not happening?

Back in April – I reported that the old Boston Chicken Market was to become a 7-Eleven. Keep in mind that I overheard this over the police radio (as they had set off a burglar alarm) – and it seemed legitimate. However, it also makes me wonder if the old Soup Man location might also be the future location of Windmill (while not technically on the “corner” – and also rumored to become another “Italian Deli”)…

I emailed WindMill last week – and haven’t received a response yet.

Was the 7-Eleven deal never finalized? Perhaps it fell through?

Either way – Hoboken is becoming a “Ham-bur-ken!”

WindMill is Socially Networked…

One other thing – WindMill stays connected with their customers:

Curiously – an update from MARCH 2nd, 2009 – indicated that “Work had begun” on the Hoboken location… before Boston Market AND Soup Man closed… makes you think.


So much for my healthy eating

SEE THEIR MENU HERE (No prices listed…)

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  1. klaatu says:

    Whoops, meant 4/28 at 10:53am

  2. rgthatsme says:

    April 27th 2012 4:00pm

  3. bcc624 says:

    April 30, 11:15 AM

  4. escaped68 says:

    I have this mental picture of a bunch of “foodies” camping out for 3/4 days waiting for this over priced and over rated place to open. Then around 10:45 these “foodies” get boners and start to drool and dancing anticipating the grand opening. PEOPLE GET OVER IT ,ITS A FRIGGIN HOT GOG.

  5. briank says:

    Great- So they are open now. So I can take all of the menus that they dropped all over my neighborhood- cars, sidewalks, railings, gutters- and I can dump them on the floor of their restaurant so they can know how it feels when someone litters in their property.

    • ohnoivotedforher says:

      I guess you have a resentment to Winmill’s Marketing. To bad it only bothers you and they dont even know how you feel. That’s the great thing about resentments, the givers are free and the receivers get all pestered and bothered. Dont forget to give club kos theirs back and the other 100 businesses that market this way every week.
      [quote comment=”215350″]Great- So they are open now. So I can take all of the menus that they dropped all over my neighborhood- cars, sidewalks, railings, gutters- and I can dump them on the floor of their restaurant so they can know how it feels when someone litters in their property.[/quote]

  6. mooshu says:

    Regarding Artie Lange up there: oh, GOOD GOD.

  7. carbhater says:

    Some friends that visited this weekend raved about WimdMill, will have to try it out soon.

  8. OhBoy says:

    Best fast food restaurant ever in Hoboken! Fries taste better than most other higher end places too.

  9. HomeTeam says:

    Very nice, friendly people working there, which kind of shocked me since most of the “faster” food places in Hoboken are staffed with extremely angry people. The hot dog was pretty good with a nice casing that snaps when bitten into. I’d probably ask them to cook mine a little longer next time as I like the casing to be browned a bit more. As a huge fan of Grays Papaya dogs, it was a little strange to consume such a large diameter dog and I did miss papaya drink with it, not a big soda fan. The fries are top notch. Funny thing is, the former inhabitant of that space served crinkle cut fries, but they weren’t very good, these fries were perfect and a special note – they poked holes in the wrapping so the fries wouldn’t steam themselves soggy on my walk home. A small attention to detail that goes a long way in my book. The burgers are also very tasty. They are thinner patties, but they don’t skimp on the toppings so it definitely satisfies and is reasonably priced.

  10. Deadpool says:

    Really good stuff. My parents have a Windmill in thier town, so I was definitely happy to hear this was coming in. And stopped by on Saturday, and it was great as always. And the staff was very friendly and funny.

    And Kudos to the anti-Snookie portion of the mural on the wall!

  11. nbm3 says:

    Probably due to a lack of business from stiff competition. Papaya dogs around the corner?

  12. Hoboken89 says:

    The food was terrible. Hurricane Sandy is a very lame excuse. Every restaurant in town had to deal with Sandy in one way or another. Pathetic.

    • nbm3 says:

      The storm came and went. They didn’t suffer damage, and the Path reopened. Sounds like many excuses. Other businesses around them are still open and are doing ok even after the tragic storm of 2012. Honesty goes farther than stories.[quote comment=”221841″]The food was terrible. Hurricane Sandy is a very lame excuse. Every restaurant in town had to deal with Sandy in one way or another. Pathetic.[/quote]

  13. hoboken578 says:

    Or maybe the owners closed because they were tired of dealing with smug, whiny, jerks who’d rather spend $2 on a plastic cup of warm beer across the street. Just a thought.

  14. homeworld says:

    “they so believe in the strength of the WindMill brand that they opened a second location in Brick, NJ”

    The location in Brick at the intersection of Rt. 70, Rt. 88 and Princeton Ave (formally the Laurelton Circle which was removed in 1987) has been there since the 90s… Maybe these people recently purchased it, but it’s been there for quite some time and is not a new location.

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