Sole Search – Doomed

2/17/2009 Update:

Sole searching for a new tenant

As some of you already know, Sole Search, the shoe store on the northeast corner of 8th and Washington Streets closed up shop a few days ago. They used to share space with Toots and Tallie (are they next?), which moved to the old Anastasia’s location at 10th and Wash.

Had nothing against this shop per se, which had a nice owner and was laid out very well.

However, I believe – besides the economy – there were some other contributing factors here. Most importantly, the store was very unassuming and unnoticeable. Unless you lived in the area, or walked by often – it was easy to miss. As you can see from the first photo in the gallery below, coming southbound on Washington – it was next to impossible to tell there was anything there. That, in addition to the signage which was too small. Not sure if they were limited by the Hoboken Historical Preservation Committee as to how much they do. What a shame. I’m uncertain if they’re relocating or not.


Description – Designer Shoes & accessories for women & men Empty store
Services – Designer shoes – Bruno Magli, Stuart Weitzman
Address – 801 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Sole Search.JPG

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  1. lna426 says:

    Sole Search has easily become my favorite shoe boutique in Hoboken. I was first turned onto the store by visiting its sister store, Via Mode, on Fourth and Washington, where I would frequently shop. However, upon entering Sole Search I have found my new favorite place to shop. I was surrounded by beautiful shoes by designers such as Cole Haan, Calvin Klein, Stuart Weitzman and even UGGS. For what they offer, their prices are dead on. The reason I really fell in love with this store is when during when visit they did not have my size in a gorgeous CK pump. The situation was easily remedied when they ordered the shoe for me and in no less than five days I had them on my feet. If you have not been to Sole Search I suggest you go, as they carry some of the most beautiful shoes I have seen in Hoboken!

  2. noone says:

    everytime I buy shoes here i see them in nordstorms for 30-40 bucks cheaper. it’s good if your in a pinch for time and need shoes but they do take advantage of you because they are a boutique.

  3. Lady says:

    Nordstrom is definitely the way to go. You can also order on line with $5.00 shipping and often even free shopping on shoes.

    It’s almost a buy 2 get one free compared to the prices at Sole Search (almost).

  4. SweetPea says:

    Has anyone ever bought clothing from them? They always have cute things in the window but I’ve never actually had the time to go in.

  5. boston1 says:

    It is very nice, high-end clothing. The clothing is a different company actually, and I think they are moving to the old Anastasia’s on washington st. in a few months.

  6. mooshu says:

    Erm, Sole Search is no more. Walked by yesterday and saw everything off the shelves and racks…

    Guess they’ve moved?

  7. homeworld says:

    I noticed ‘Toots and Tallie’ moved to around 11th and Washington… But Sole was not in there.

  8. mooshu says:

    It’s kinda sad to watch businesses shut down. There’s just an empty, quiet and unaffordable space left behind…

  9. ewt7178 says:

    I’ve lived on 8th and Bloomfield for 3 years now and had no idea this place existed.

  10. eam144 says:

    on a somewhat related note – since I think there is a relationship here with Via Mode? My husband bought me a beautiful pair of boots at Via Mode for xmas that did not fit. Returned them to the store and they took my name to let me know when the next shipment was coming in (2 weeks max they told me). Here it is 6 weeks later and no call. I am sorry if these stores are hurting – they just blew a $300 sale with their poor customer service. I probably would have just gone in and found another pair and been done but too late – went elsewhere. I try to shop in Hoboken as much as possible but sometimese these retailers make it difficult!

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