2/5/2010 Update:

Not even a year…

Oh brother, I guess promises of “big real estate developments coming” and “lots of foot traffic” suckered the (former) owners of Miss Sushi To Go at 1100 Jefferson Street into signing that costly lease last year.

This place was so out of the way, that I didn’t even know it was doomed, and it took an email from Hoboken411 reader Shaun a month after it closed to finally get updated. Too bad, they were nice guys too.

Miss Sushi to go Hoboken NJ doomed out of business

7/17/2009 Update:

The owners of Miss Sushi would like everyone to see their new, updated menu.

Miss Sushi Updated Menu – July 2009


Adding a new Sushi Restaurant to the directory today: Miss Sushi To Go (1100 Jefferson St.)

See Menu here.

So far so good!

Hoboken411 reader Adam has been using them since they opened about a month ago – and hasn’t been disappointed! He says:

“A new sushi place that opened up last month in the middle of the block of Jefferson between 11th and 12th. They’re three Korean guys with great, cheap (50% off!) sushi and sashimi. They mainly do deliveries to the Northwest side, due to the lack of space inside (411: they did have two tables setup outside). I’ve been going there pretty regularly and have never been disappointed – they even started in throwing in some kimchee once they figured out I like Korean food. I’d fully recommend checking them out!

Description: Primarily take out Sushi and Sashimi (MENU)
Address: 1100 Jefferson Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-880-0055
Hours: 7 days a week – 11am-11pm