2009 Hoboken Spring Arts & Music Festival

5/1/2009 Reminder:

Sunday starting at 11am!

Will the Swine Flu keep you away?

I overheard this on the street SEVERAL times yesterday.. that some folks are STAYING AWAY from the 2009 Spring Arts & Music festival… Not sure what the deal is with that!

Will the Swine Flu media scare prevent you from going?


15th Annual Spring Arts & Music Festival

On Sunday May 3rd, 2009 (11am-6pm) – Hoboken will once again be jammed with our annual Spring “A&M” festival!

Washington Street will be packed with three stages of music & entertainment and 300 vendors selling art, sculptures, photographs, food and other knick-knacks!

Special features include:

  • Fine artists are located between 2nd & 3rd St., so if you are an art collector, this is the place to be. Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, photography, etc.
  • Children’s area on 3rd street with rides, games, creative activities, ponies, petting zoo, face painting, balloons, live performances and much much more!
  • Crafters will be displaying / selling handmade: pottery, metalwork, woodwork, blown & fused glass, quilts, household items made from recycled materials, cementware, batik clothing, hand painted furniture, hand knits, candles, jewelry, dried florals, soaps & lotions and much more
  • Food: Lots of great food throughout the fair, offering an eclectic variety of international foods such as: Thai, Indian, Greek, French, Mexican, Cajun, Italian and festival favorites.

Here’s a video from the Fall 2008 festival – see more after the jump!

Read more, including performance schedules, after the jump!

(2009 Hoboken Spring Arts & Music Festival, continued…)

Live Performance on 3 Stages

(schedules are tentative and subject to change)

Observer Highway Stage
(located on Washington St. bet. Newark & Observer Hwy)
12:00pm – Mad Happy
1:00pm – Yung Wu
1:30pm – Wild Carnation
2:00pm – East of Venus
3:00pm – Val Emmich
4:30pm – The Boxtops – with Alex Chilton

Sixth Street Stage
12:30pm – Bandwidth
1;15pm – The Verdict
2:15pm – 2nd Fiddles
3:15pm – Clueless
4:15pm – Joe Taino
5:15pm – TBA

Kidz Stage
(Third Street)
11:15am – Hanna Valente
12:00pm – Polka Dot Pals
1:00pm – A Year with Frog & Toad* – production by The Theatre Company @ DeBaun an affiliate of DeBaun Auditorium –
2:00pm – Bonnie Bess the Pirate – www.after3theatre.org
3:00pm – Polka Dot Pals
4:00pm – A Year with Frog & Toad*
5:00pm – Polka Dot Pals

*A Year with Frog & Toad: Interactive excerpts from The Theater Company’s production of “A Year with Frog & Toad”. Arnold Lobel’s well-loved characters hop from the page to the stage in Robert and Willie Reale’s musical, which follows two great friends, the cheerful and popular Frog and the rather grumpy Toad through four fun-filled seasons. Performed by an adult cast of 5 playing over 15 different characters. www.debaun.org


FYI: There are still spaces left!!! And they ALWAYS appreciate volunteers! Help out your community – you’ll get a free t-shirt!!

For more information: contact Geri Fallo, Division of Cultural Affairs at hoboculturalaffairs@gmail.com or by Phone: 201-420-2207 and on the web: www.myspace.com/hobokenculturalaffairs

And here’s last Spring’s Arts & Music Festival video – not sure I’ll be doing it this year! We’ll see if I can muster up the time.

Hoboken Arts & Music Festival May 2008 Hoboken411 from Hoboken411 on Vimeo.

41 Responses

  1. jscirish27 says:

    Is this a thread about a festival or sentence diagramming? Jeez. I will walk around town tomorrow (weather permitting) and enjoy seeing my neighbors out and about, listen to a little music, browse some crafts, eat a little overpriced street food, and maybe have a beer with a few friends.

    What I do bemoan is how the festivals, which were almost exclusively Hoboken-based artists and musicians years ago have now begun to feature more and more outsiders. I guess this is part of the cycle, but I would like to keep the artists we have and encourage the development of mixed use spaced to attract more. A diverse and thriving community is what makes these events. There is room for everyone: artists, b ‘n’ r’s, yuppies, and even chefs… :mrgreen:

  2. hobojoe says:

    I’ve heard that this festival is a popular place to show off your latest accessories, whether it be your designer dog or your new little kids. Do you think anyone would mind if I brought my pot belly pig out this weekend? Porky’s been holed up all winter long, I think he misses the fresh air. I’ll keep him on a leash, I promise.

  3. justaview says:

    A great song by the Box Tops! “Cry Like A Baby”

  4. homeworld says:

    anyone go to the rainy festival today?

    • skateparkmom says:

      I plodded around in the rain for about 5 hours – about 4 laps. I brought back two long vials festival crack (kettle corn). There were some really interesting booths. I bought some small items from outside artists, but my larger purchases were from the locals. Sedona always has beautiful stuff.

      In response to homeworld who said:
      anyone go to the rainy festival today?

  5. Journey says:

    The baby and I did. Got her a hat and me a hairclip.

  6. MidnightRacer says:

    Would be nice if Hoboken had a half covered half open (courtyard style) mall where they could do this under cover on rain days. I thought they would cancel for a rain date, but I guess not.

    Anyone know if they sold thoseamaretto biscuits with the old wax wrappers? Been looking for those.

  7. mooshu says:

    Took a nice walk uptown– love rain– to Turning Point yesterday for a fabulous brunch and then headed to the festival.

    I felt bad for some of the artists in that weather– so hard to make a sale. And one douche in particular, the Goddess of all art critics apparently, put-down an elderly man’s artwork (which I actually found great– vivid and happy– with well-blended colors).

    Among other stupid things, she said that his work was “too focused”.

    “Oh, shut up!” I responded.


  8. mooshu says:

    Oh, yeah. We bought some art, thanks.

  9. 9 says:

    Mmmm … fried Oreos!

    • escaped68 says:

      Deep fried twinkies on Fremont st. in las vegas– gross

      In response to 9 who said:

      Mmmm … fried Oreos!

    • mooshu says:

      Sounds yummy. One of my favorite concoctions has been pushed by Paula Deen. God bless her and her deep-fried/tempura brownies– healthful and delicious!

      I’ve tried to indulge in real festival food these past couple of years. But I always wind up with a Karma Kafe wrap!

      In response to 9 who said:

      Mmmm … fried Oreos!

  10. Stpaddygirl says:

    This festival is just another excuse for people to drink(geez I sound like one of the parade bashers). Anyway have missed the spring festival for about 4 years now and I’m ok with that..

    • Journey says:

      I didn’t see any rampant boozing and drunkeness.

      In response to Stpaddygirl who said:

      This festival is just another excuse for people to drink(geez I sound like one of the parade bashers). Anyway have missed the spring festival for about 4 years now and I’m ok with that..

      • Stpaddygirl says:

        You must have missed the drunks maybe they were still in the bars when you were walking around.

        In response to Journey who said:

        I didn’t see any rampant boozing and drunkeness.

  11. mooshu says:

    That may be, Stpaddy. But at least no one’s drinking in front of my building and either peeing/purging on or littering my stoop! 😀

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