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PromptMD expands in Hoboken, NJ

Taking the spot that used to house Marma Day Spa at 1122 Washington Street – is another PromptMD Urgent Care Center. Just like the AHS Urgent Care opening downtown, it appears that either residents have no faith in the Hoboken University Medical Center, or are just simply getting sicker. Or both.

Perhaps it has a little to do with the swelling population due to over-development as well. Who knows, maybe all this is necessary just for injured construction workers, and we can go back to nail salons once the city maxes out at 135,000 residents in the next few years?

Congrats to PromptMD for finding a successful business that grows in this lackluster economy!

PromptMD Urgent Care Center Hoboken NJ 1122 Washington Street

For PromptMD, first year a success in Hoboken!

4/5/2010 Update:

PromptMD is thrilled to be celebrating our first anniversary at First Street in Hoboken. In the last year, our facility provided over 10,000 patient visits for medical treatment ranging from flu shots and asthma inhalers to broken bones. We have been overwhelmed by the warm welcome and tremendously positive response we have received from our patients. The average wait time was under 30 minutes, so we are pleased to meet our goal of speedy care!


We are learning and growing from our experiences with you. Next fall we are ordering several thousand doses of mercury-free flu shots for all the children, pregnant and nursing moms who requested them. We also provide school and camp physicals –no need to wait for hours at your pediatrician’s office!

In the coming year, we are planning to add new offerings to get even better at taking care of you. From expanded weekend hours and live video chats where you can get instant advice from our team of healthcare experts, to discounts at slow times of the day, we are listening to what you tell us in your feedback surveys at

In 2010, we are committed to keeping our prices low, which has been a boon to the unemployed and uninsured members of our community. A sampling of our low prices includes $24 flu shots and $80 camp physicals.

Located five blocks from the PATH train and open 7 days a week, 363 days of the year, PromptMD is Hoboken’s only urgent care center. No appointments necessary, our hours are 8am-8pm Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm on Saturday and 9am-2pm on Sunday.

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First Urgent Care Center opens in Hoboken

Had a chance to meet the doctors this weekend, and they were quite friendly people – something that is often absent in the medical industry! They are also strong supporters of the community, utilizing the services of local businesses for their office needs.

PromptMD, Hoboken’s Premier Urgent Care Center, is opening on March 16, 2009 at 309 First St. We are excited to become an integral partner in providing quality healthcare to the Hoboken community.


PromptMD will be Hoboken’s first Urgent Care center and a medical facility like no other in town. We will be open 7 days a week, with weekday evening hours, and an appointment is never necessary. You and your family can visit PromptMD for most of your common medical needs as they arise and on your schedule. Visit for a list of services and conditions we cover. We have full X-Ray services on site. If your condition is something we cannot cover, we can certainly guide you to the appropriate doctor. We will strive to keep wait times under 30 minutes. Our office is an upscale, yet comfortable facility. It will be open year round including holidays except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

We will work with the business community in providing work place medical services to Hoboken businesses. These services will include employee physicals, drug screenings, and treatment for many on the job injuries. We will soon offer on-site health screenings, flu clinics, and wellness classes. Local business owners will have a medical partner here in Hoboken.

Dr. Javed Islam is a diplomat of the American Academy of Family Physicians. The ability to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions in a short amount of time has led to his great interest in Urgent Care. He completed his Family Medicine Residency at the UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital/St. Peter’s Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. During his time there, he was the Chief Resident in Family Medicine, and was nominated intern of the year.

Dr. Shekhar Jani is board certified in Emergency Medicine, and practiced emergency medicine at JFK medical center, Edison, NJ, and at Wayne General Hospital, Wayne, NJ. His special interests are in Family and Occupational medicine.

Both of our physicians are board certified.

Hoboken is one of New Jersey’s most vibrant communities. At PromptMD, we look forward to providing you quality medical care when you need it. We plan to provide these much needed services, and also become involved locally.

Please feel free to stop in to learn more. We hope to meet many of you in the coming months.


Javed Islam, MD
Shekhar Jani, MD

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  1. poed says:

    does anyone know the hours of operation?

  2. 3MMM says:

    Just visited there today. The place is fantastic especially of you are in a hurry. was in and out in half an hour and the doctor was terrific. highly recommend it!

  3. JZNDeeNark says:

    I visited PromptMD for the first time last weekend. I had a bad case of swimmer’s ear that is just the sort of issue that is too small for the emergency room, too hard to fix yourself (I have an empty hydrogen peroxide bottle to prove it), and too annoying to wait days to get in and see your primary care physician. Dr. Islam, the owner of PromptMD, saw me right away and dealt with the problem.
    He talked to me about his practice and why he started it and he really seems like the kind of “physician of the future” that we’ll all be lucky to have as we slowly unravel the healthcare mess we have in the US. I strongly recommend PromptMD for its cleanliness, its quality medical staff, and technologically advanced facilities (paperless medical records, full in-house blood-work, radiology, etc. on premises).
    Note: You will pay up-front for your visit ($90 is the base cost and what I paid), however, they will provide you with a simple form to submit to your insurer (I’ll provide a follow-up on how that goes) and if you don’t have insurance, at least you get the opportunity to see a quality physician promptly at rates that are far lower than other urgent care centers in the area (try $250 for many places in Manhattan that don’t take insurance either).

  4. Sair says:

    I recommend Prompt Md for the high quality of care at very reasonable prices. The entire staff is courteous and efficient. Another plus is that lab work is performed on premises at reasonable prices at just about an hour wait. Definitely a welcome alternative to the ER.

  5. takewhatyoulove says:

    I just went there for the first time on Sunday, and I have to agree with most of the comments here. The place was extremely clean and the staff was very friendly. My general doctor is at the Hoboken Family Medical Center, and it takes forever to book an appointment there. It was very much worth it to go to PromptMD, as I needed to be seen on a Sunday.

    The doctor took everything I had to say into consideration and was able to diagnose on the spot – but still had some things sent out to be sure of what the exact cause was. I received my results within two days and everything was just as he thought.

    For someone who tends to visit the doctor/ER a few times a year, and had bad experiences with urgent care centers in the past, this is such a welcome and convenient addition to the community and I will gladly go there again.

  6. rlandry says:

    Tried PromptMD this morning. I’m sold. My GP is in Manhattan, had him for years, like him both personally and professionally. But. I can never get in to see him when I’m actually sick. Last year, I needed a physician’s clearance for ortho surgery after a skiing accident–I had to negotiate with the office to get in, broken knee notwithstanding.

    PromptMD rocks. The office and equipment are all brand new. The nurses are extremely cordial and efficient. Dr. Islam is very enthusiastic and thorough in discussing diagnosis and treatment. Medical records are input via tablet PC. The no-insurance model is an interesting approach: it keeps the office overhead down and keeps the base fee (comparatively) low. I’m happy to front the $90.00 fee and file for 50% out-of-network reimbursement; my in-network co-pay is $45.00 anyway. As a 12-year resident currently debating whether Hoboken is the place to remain, PromptMD is a big argument in favor of staying.

  7. matt1122 says:

    I saw Dr. Islam this morning about some allergy problems I’m having. He and the staff were all very kind and professional, and I didn’t have to wait long at all. He even gave me some great coupons and vouchers for the medicines he prescribed, which will save me a bundle even after my insurance.

    I will definitely go back, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a walk-in medical center in Hoboken. The office is between Willow and Clinton on First Street, which is also very convenient for me!

  8. oceanbloo says:

    I had heard a lot of good things about this place so decided to go there for my flu shot. I was in/out in 10 minutes.

    The shot was $35 (as others have mentioned, they don’t take insurance other than Medicaid or Medicare, not sure which). I was given paperwork to submit to my insurance company. Hopefully I get reimbursed, but if not, it’s not the end of the world.

    The woman I dealt with was extremely nice, organized and professional. She was quick and efficient – something I like as I’m not a big fan of sitting around germ-infested offices waiting to get a flu shot. This place was sparkling clean. Highly recommended.

    They also have mercury-free flu shots available.

  9. hobokengirl9 says:

    I went to PromptMD on a Sunday about 45 minutes before they closed for the day. I was expecting them to rush through everything since it was nearing closing time, but the entire experience was great. The office is very clean and modern. All of the people were extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Islam saw me and he was excellent–very friendly, knowledgeable and even made recommendations to avoid unnecessary lab charges. I was in and out of the office in about 20 minutes. I usually wait longer to see my regular doctor for scheduled appointments! I have gone to the ER in Hoboken a few times and it was always a horrible experience that would often take several hours. PromptMD was great–friendly, quality care without a long wait!

  10. rousst says:

    I went to PromptMD last weekend and was seen by Dr. Islam (the owner). I didn’t have an appointment so there was a little bit of a wait (but I’ve had longer waits for doctors that I did have appointments with). Dr. Islam and his staff were all very kind and helpful. The doctor spent a good deal of time with me for what was a relatively simply issue. Although the office doesn’t accept insurance, it was a painless process to submit the receipt for reimbursement to my insurance company. Dr. Islam also seemed the genuinely care about keeping the cost of the visit down as much as possible. He explained what tests were needed and how much they would cost. I highly recommend PromptMD.

  11. OpenEyes says:

    I used them for a little emergency and it cost under a hundred dollars .
    They were very good –

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