Taxi disputes happen daily in Hoboken!

NYC cabs to Hoboken – still taxi disputes well into 2013

Ripoffs and taxi disputes in Hoboken NJ from NYC manhattanTo this day – and almost every single day since Hoboken411 began tracking, Hoboken police respond to at least one “taxi dispute” which takes place between the driver of a NYC cab and his passenger(s).

Usually, these taxi disputes are caused by the fact that the fare suddenly realizes that they don’t feel like paying the agreed-to amount once they’ve arrived in Hoboken (because they’re too cheap, drunk, entitled or arrogant).

However, one Hoboken411 reader is noticing that NYC cabbies are starting to jack up the cost of a ride from Manhattan to Hoboken (especially on weekends) where fares are now upwards of $80 or more! That costs more than a ride to one of the local airports!

As you can read in previous revisions to this story after the break – there is still no real “standard fare” from NYC to Hoboken, and there really needs to be one to prevent the confusion, mis-communication and taxi disputes.

And I’ll say it again: I believe the fares to Hoboken from New York should be PRE-PAID to avoid such a hassle. I mean, you pay to get on the subway or bus, why not taxi cabs too? What is so difficult about this – and why has almost zero progress been made?

Should Hoboken fares from NYC be standardized?

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Hoboken Photo of the Day: NYC taxi zooming by

And I wanted to share this photo I recently took of a NYC cabbie driving south towards the PATH station from a building uptown.

You ever see those cheesy “stock” pictures they put in some of picture frames sold at stores? Well – this reminded me of one of them – hence today’s Hoboken Photo of the Day!

NYC Taxi Disputes in Hoboken NJ

Urge Bloomberg to make pre-paid fares to NJ a law

12/3/2009 Update:

Bumping this post from earlier in the year – as I still hear of (and witness) many “Taxi Disputes” each week in Hoboken, seemingly every single day. And more often than not – it’s a NYC cab and some kind of drunk (or cheap) passenger.

To eliminate the unnecessary disputes, as well as free our Hoboken Police Department to handle more serious local crimes and incidents – our city administration should immediately engage NYC’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg to make any fares from the city into Hoboken a pre-paid trip. Pretty simple, eh?

Similar to the way former Councilman at-large Ruben Ramos fought to try and lower fares to Hoboken, someone from City Hall should step up to the plate here too. But they’re too busy eating at the Coach House Diner in North Bergen or jockeying for their next political seat. Oh well, just an idea…


Are taxi riders that dumb, or is it alcohol related?


I highly doubt anyone listens to the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel as much as I do (even while I’m sleeping – disgusting!) – but one incident has occurred often enough to inspire this very post: “Taxi Disturbances.”


Is it that difficult?

My estimate is about 10-12 calls come in each week for some kind of taxi dispute. While I don’t get to hear the entire details for each call – it’s usually a fare dispute. And my guess is that most of the drivers are probably from NYC, but I could be wrong, since the “Taxi Rules” sign was a bit outdated downtown.

But what causes these disputes?

  • One theory is that the riders are more concerned with getting home than paying attention to what the ride will cost them – and when they get dropped off and realize that they’re $40+ poorer, they throw a hissy-fit. Many times the dispute is resolved when the passenger goes to an ATM to settle the debt (after police involvement).
  • Conversely, perhaps the driver doesn’t clearly state what the fare will be, and ends up being more than they originally stated.
  • I’ve read here on Hoboken411 – that some riders get upset when they “ride share” here in town, and the driver goes way out of the way, and ends up dropping one particular person off last.

I believe the fare dispute could be prevented if NYC taxi’s were able to demand fare payment upfront. But I’m sure there’s some law against that.

Have you ever witnessed one? Been part of one? Are any of the drivers at fault for misleading the customer? Or are the customers usually drunk, poor and stupid?

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6 years 11 months ago

A couple of years ago I was riding from the Path to my apt uptown…I asked the driver to take a turn, which makes the drive much easier, and he went nuts. That was it, I asked him to take one simple turn. Dude was ultra aggressive and started screaming at me. He stopped, I through a few dollars at him and got out. He demanded his other dollar and proceeded to do the Karate Kid air kick at me. I grabbed his foot as it was in the air and he fell down. I walked home laughing as he… Read more »

6 years 11 months ago

There ought to be a standard fare from NYC to Hoboken so customers don’t have to drunkenly barter with cabbies at 3 AM.

6 years 11 months ago

its pretty simple, i do it all the time. i agree to whatever price he states then i give him what i think is a reasonable fair, usually 30-35 bucks (depends how drunk i am). i get out and start walking up a one way street (opposite to where he is going), by the time he figures out i stiffed him i am half way up the street. you’ll rarely get chased, they wont leave the cab —

6 years 11 months ago

411, I lean towards the drunken or general stupidity of the passenger.

6 years 11 months ago

I think you can make a fortune opening up a cab company that serves Hoboken to NYC (both ways)that charges ~$20-$25. People would use it like crazy, no?