The Office – next Hoboken victim; moving to Jersey City

Well. the business “climate” in Hoboken has claimed yet another victim. This time it’s The Office over at 306 Washington Street.

The Office moves from Hoboken to Jersey City

Jersey City boasts business-friendly environment compared to Hoboken

Next month, The Office is moving to a similar-sized space smack-dab in the middle of Jersey City (Journal Square) for less than half the rent they’re paying now. Wow!

That, along with a not-so-ideal vibe here in Hoboken (Office Depot down the street, nagging customers whining about $20 invitation prints, and $0.25 copies), they made the choice to move to a locale that better suits their core business.

Gone will be the “internet cafe” which hogged precious floor space, and their focus will be primarily the business-to-business print and collateral side. They’ll still have a store-front, but without the high-overhead – low-profit offerings. It’s too bad, but as a business owner, you need to make tough decisions to maintain viability.

Doesn’t this make you sad? At this rate – Hoboken may and will become a strip-mall with some bars and restaurants, Realtors and parking enforcement officers.

The office moving to jersey city NJ from Hoboken 306 Washington Street

Description: Office services. Copies, computer facilities, Internet access, Copying & Finishing, Stationery, Computer time, Graphics work – Offset Printing, Graphic Design, Prepress, Forms, Stationery, Color, B&W, Fedex services
Address: 306 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ 07030 (Moving to “business-friendly” Jersey City – Journal Square)
Telephone: (201)222-5555, Fax: (201) 217-6637

the office - Hoboken, NJ - 306 Washington Street