Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ

Another one bites the dust: Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ

Just as we were talking about Hoboken businesses for sale earlier – Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ has officially bitten the dust. It was for sale for quite a while.

Wonder what next? Hopefully something tasty and original.

Piri Piri doomed in Hoboken NJ

NY Times says Piri Piri in Hoboken, NJ is “worth it”

4/23/2012 Update:

Quick update for Piri Piri BBQ in Hoboken – they got a good review in the NY Times this past weekend.

“There are plenty of ethnic restaurants in Hoboken… but as best I can determine, only a single Portuguese establishment. If that restaurant, Piri Piri, is holding down the fort for an entire culture, it’s doing a good job — particularly with its barbecue dishes, forged in the kitchen’s seven-foot wood charcoal fire pit and largely powered by a spicy sauce made from piri piri chili peppers imported from Mozambique.”

Click here to read more: www.nytimes.com/2012/04/22/nyregion/a-review-of-piri-piri-in-hoboken

h/t to Bridget for the tip!

Say it isn’t so, Piri Piri BBQ!

2/14/2012 Update:

Looks like one of Hoboken’s most unique BYOB eating establishments is up for sale: Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ at 515 Washington Street.

It would be just our luck if this sells, it’ll turn into yet another falafel joint. See sales listing below.

Multi-Faceted Restaurant Opportunity in Hoboken, NJ

Below is the listing as found online from Corporate Realty (for only $235k):

“No time spent on approvals, architectural designs, construction, or inspections. This place is all done and done Right, completely renovated 2 years ago, down town Washington Street location. Beautiful dining room exposed brick, classic trim and molding, high ceilings, and central air, 50 & under seating capacity. Two handicapped accessible bathrooms.

Well designed prep cooking area featuring two separate cooking areas with hood and fire suppression system. One covers the barbeque pit and one over 3 ovens, 6 burners, grill, and deep fry. Lowboys and upright refrigeration in prep cooking areas, walk-in box and upright freezer in basement

Buy today Start cooking tomorrow!”

Summer Specials at Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ

6/1/2010 Update:

Here are some weekday specials at Piri Piri BBQ that might interest you!

  • Tuesdays: Free Sangria Night! You bring the wine, Piri Piri does the rest at N/C!
  • Wednesdays: Kids Eat FREE!

Tasty food, nice decor and most importantly – authentic!

12/21/2009 Update:

Swung by Piri Piri BBQ (515 Washington) recently – and wanted to post a quick update!

Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ Hoboken NJ

Many Hoboken residents are very pleased that Piri Piri BBQ opened up this year in town, as a refreshing change to the restaurant scene. At the same time, there are a select few people that are having a hard time handling the authenticity and uniqueness of an ethnic-based establishment, often citing portion size over actual taste.

Had a quick dinner (the free range chicken and the fat juicy steak). Here’s a few bullet points:

  • The “Frango de Churrasco,” or free range chicken a truly unique product. They get free range chickens from local family-owned farms, strictly hormone and antibiotic free, butterfly them, and cook them in a real wood charcoal barbecue pit – then finished in a unique light barbecue sauce. This is a fabulous dish. Some might say the chicken looks “smaller” than the hormone-fed, chemically-fattened commercial chickens available elsewhere – but you really need to taste it. The smoked flavor, and tasty seasoning makes this dish fantastic! 411 tip: When eating this, do not try using eating utensils. I realized this is best eating like chicken wings – with your fingers.
  • They also have a new “Piri Piri salt,” which is a secret blend of imported Piri Piri peppers and sea salt (as well as some new hot sauces).
  • The Owner Charles says he’s received and responded to lots of feedback… Adding multiple sauce options, revamped rice (which is very addictive), adjusted side options (dishes include salad now, and vegetable substitutions), and more. If you haven’t been in a while, swing by to check it out, because like any good business owner, they’re listening to their customers.
  • See their long list of specials now, which changes regularly the Paella and Top Sirloin Brazilian-style are big draws.

Have you enjoyed Piri Piri lately?

A nice addition to Hoboken

10/20/2009 Update:

A quick “first impressions” review…

Stopped by the new Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ restaurant recently – and both myself and my dining companion agreed it’s a welcome supplement to the standard bar/restaurants in town! The interior was done nicely, with fine touches such as tile-covered tables and BYOB which produced a nice overall warm Mediterranean feel.

Here’s a few other bullet points about our dining experience:

  • Service: Piri Piri is not a place where the staff or owners are dispassionate about the menu selections and food preparation – ask for suggestions, and you won’t be disappointed!
  • Febras de Porco: We ordered these thinly sliced BBQ pork cutlets as an appetizer – which were tangy and cooked to perfection. I even wish I could get an egg sandwich with these tasty slabs of pig! Recommended to accompany any meal – comes with rice & potatoes and salad.
  • Entrecosto de Porco: BBQ Pork Ribs. We were given a few on the house to taste. Not what you’d expect if you’re spoiled by the slow-cooked “fall of the bone” type of ribs. While prepared differently, they still had nice flavor – and the sweet and spicy dipping sauce makes us wonder still what the secret ingredient was.
  • Salmon Special: The “Peixe do Dia Grelhado” (Fish of the Day) was Salmon, and it was a great choice. Cooked to flaky and crispy perfection and accompanied by a healthy selection of vegetables and rice. My partner said it was good dish for the healthy eater – but she was longing for something greasy to indulge in afterward.
  • Bife a Portugesa: The top item for the “meat and potatoes” type of man. A tender cooked & sauteed steak topped with ham and fried egg, along with homemade potato chips. My favorite item of the night.
  • Dessert – Pasteis de Nata: I should correct myself – the steak was my favorite “main” meal part of the night. The hands-down best item overall was these “freshly baked custard cups” – my God! Delivered daily from a Portuguese bakery in Newark, these flaky, creamy pastries were a perfect way to end the meal. Even when I don’t eat my lunch or dinner at Piri Piri, I will definitely pick these up on a regular basis.

I’m very happy that Piri Piri has chosen to make Hoboken home, and wish them much success in the months and years to come. I do hope, however, that they eventually expand their menu a little bit in the future, as it’d be nice to have a larger selection of items. But I’d take a well prepared short list of dishes over a long list of mediocre items.

Have you eaten at Piri Piri BBQ yet?

Piri Piri BBQ Menu and recommendations

9/15/2009 Update:

Hoboken411 Reader Carla was kind enough to send in the Piri Piri Menu for all of us to check out, and made some recommendations:

“I am Portuguese and also noticed that Piri Piri has opened. All I can say is this place looks amazing!!! Everything on the menu is authentic Portuguese cuisine. Planning on having dinner there tomorrow but for anyone interested I would highly recommend the Chourico, Frango, Bife Portuguesa, Carne de Porco Alentejana and the Serradura (it’s made with cream and crumbled Maria Crakers, not real sawdust) I love all this stuff and would have to go back to Newark to get it, so nice to have it so close to home. Also go for some Orange Sumol, it’s a little sweet but I grew up drinking it, trust me it’s delicious!”

Piri Piri now open in Hoboken, NJ

9/14/2009 Update:

One 411 reader said the place was open today – and I snapped a quick “drive by” as I headed downtown earlier today..

If you try it tonight – please share your thoughts! (I didn’t have time to snag a menu, etc).


Piri Piri BBQ Coming along…

8/28/2009 Update:

In case you were curious as to how the interior of the upcoming Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ place is shaping up:


Are you licking your chops yet?

8/6/2009 Update:

Who else can’t wait till Piri Piri Portuguese BBQ opens? I certainly can’t!

Oh, since unemployment is still sort of in the tank, some of you might be interested that Piri Piri is hiring for all positions right now. Swing by if you want to make a couple extra bucks in your spare time.


Getting closer to yummy Portugese BBQ!

7/14/2009 Update:

Noticed that work seemed to be getting closer to completion at Piri Piri Portugese BBQ (515 Washington).

Workers were lugging chairs into the highly-anticipated restaurant recently – which means that many Hoboken residents will get to joyfully suffer through tasty, spicy ethnic food (which was lacking in the Mile Square)!

Hoboken411 Fortune Cookie: Quality restaurant a year late, better than crappy restaurant right away!

2/19/2009 Update:

Wanted to get one of my semi-recent photos off the “to do” list. Seems like Piri Piri is still a ways off, as they still have a “hole in the wall.”

Me wants some spicy Portuguese BBQ soon. Hurry up already!


Portuguese Barbeque coming to Hoboken


Another picture taken during my Sunday Morning walk – a new Portuguese Barbeque restaurant is replacing the defunct Wee Beasties kids shop at 515 Washington Street.

I personally can’t wait till Piri Piri will open up – I bet it’ll be a refreshing alternative to the usual run-of-the mill places in Hoboken!


Piri Piri coming late Fall 2008

Piri Piri Hoboken NJ
They have a website setup at www.piripiribbq.com – and said:

“Piri piri is the name used in the ex-Portuguese colony of Mozambique to describe the African bird’s-eye chili. There are several variations in spelling derived from various pronunciations of the word throughout Africa, but “Piri piri” is the correct spelling in Portuguese.

Piri piri is widely used in Portuguese cuisine.

In Japanese, in some cases, the term piri piri is used to describe something stinging on the tongue.”

Spicy food lovers rejoice!!

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7 years 2 months ago

I’m not really familiar with Portugese BBQ, but if its anything like Brasilian BBQ I think I may have new favorite lunch destination. I have been waiting for a Churrasco to open in Hoboken for a while.

7 years 2 months ago

When i was working in the newark /elizabeth area i eat often in these port. bbq and thet were all outstanding and i don’t take food lighly. Each place might be a little different but by far and wide they were very good.

7 years 2 months ago

I guess Dino and Dave Bogdanos aren’t moving Corporate Realty here, after all. I wonder if they will be as just piss poor landlords with this BBQ place as they were with Wee Beasties. :roll:

7 years 2 months ago

Food sells. Cheap, tasty, healthy food in these times would be a great idea.

What else does Hoboken need?

7 years 2 months ago

[quote comment=”118972″]
What else does Hoboken need?[/quote]

I miss Gobi. How about another Mongolian BBQ?