What would you put at the Lana Lounge spot in Hoboken?

As many of you know – the old Lana Lounge shut down, and they’re going through all sorts of gut renovations now.

Regardless of what is coming, if you had the choice to put whatever you wanted there – what would it be?

Another club? A big Apple store? A bookstore? High rise condos? Or level it and put a dog run there?

Lana Lounge closes down in Hoboken, NJ

6/19/2012 Update:

Not sure how many “locals” made the Lana Lounge (once called Riverstreet) a destination these days – but in case you didn’t notice, they quietly had their “closing party” and shut down this past weekend.

I bet some area residents are thrilled about it (the crowds weren’t always the most hospitable to the neighborhood). However, this is a massive space at 92 River Street – and I’d expect it to become re-occupied eventually. The location is just too good for it to disappear entirely.

Do you already miss Lana Lounge?

6/23/2008 Update:

I’m sure you might have noticed that Lana Lounge had been “marketing” their new Cuban/American menu over the past few weeks. They’ve been handing out free samples of plantains, sandwiches and empanadas. I had a taste of their Cuban Sandwich a week or two ago, and have to say it was quite tasty!

Has any actual Hoboken resident gone there to actually sit down and have a meal yet?

Here’s the latest Lana Menu in case you’d like to peruse it.

8/28/2007 Update:

About three weeks ago, Lana finally made the transformation into a combination lounge/restaurant.

Starting off initially with just sushi, they hope to open up their kitchen within a few weeks and begin offering Cuban cuisine as well. Looks pretty nice inside. Has anyone tried the Sushi yet?

While I haven’t been to this club in a long time since it was River Street, has anyone braved the weekend crowds to check the club scene out?



Bar, Night Club

Description – Large Night Club, Dance club – 3 floors. See web site for event schedule.
Services – Bar, Night Club, Dance club
Website – lanahoboken.com
Address –
92 River St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030-5615
Telephone – (201) 656-8516

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