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8/11/2008 Update:

If there was one thing I like about massive construction projects like Maxwell Place (other than the awesome artificial sunsets), is when they start “coming together.”

This phase of the project is finally starting to “feel alive!” Hopefully some giant corporations can move their chain-stores into the retail spots quickly. (It’ll give me more things to complain about…)

But soon enough, the next phase of construction will begin as they’re cleaning up the area to the west of the latest building.



9/18/2007 Update:

Video added!

Ribbon-cutting Grand Opening at Maxwell Place park

Dozens of residents and city officials showed up to christen the recently opened waterfront park at Maxwell Place this morning. The High School band entertained onlookers and park patrons as they waited for Mayor Roberts to show up to initiate the ribbon-cutting, and make his announcement regarding the open space.

See a video and some pictures here:


9/18/2007 Pictures Continued…


9/12/2007 Update:

Maxwell Place waterfront park has opened!

Finally, some more green space, kids play areas, and dog runs available in Hoboken!

My dog Oscar (the Hoboken411 Mascot) was the first one to Christen the dog park!







Description – New construction. Luxury Condominiums along the Hudson river. Views of Manhattan and the River. Close to ferry to Manhattan. Website –
Address – 1125 Hudson St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030



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7 years 18 days ago

yay! more parking spaces

7 years 7 months ago

Wonder what he paid. Not as if he can’t afford it…but I hope he put the screws to Toll and made them do a lot of work for it.

7 years 7 months ago

Corzine may need to customize his pad and build in extra security, which he can’t do with a rental and since he is a renter he need to become a taxpayer again to avoid the
“bullets” that will be sent flying by the rest of the taxpayers in NJ.

From what I have been reading Corzine will be forcing all of the towns in NJ at gunpoint (in the form of his new funding policies) to build new mid-rise low income housing if they want state money for their schools.

Corzine’s housing agenda includes eliminating local zoning, which means poor old Al Arezzo may be headed for a forced retirement.

Steve Lonegan the Mayor of Bogota, NJ, has authored this interesting read.

7 years 7 months ago

I guess Jonny got tired of running into Carla in the lobby????

Gov. Jon Corzine is moving out of the Hudson Tea building… but not out of Hoboken.

The gov’nah, like so many other Hoboken residents, has decided he’d rather pay off a mortgage rather than pay rent. So he’s buying a condo at Maxwell Place, the Star-Ledger’s Auditor column reported today. The deal will be finalized sometime in the new year, after construction is completed, the column reported.

“It’s got the best views of the city,” Corzine told the column. (Which city do you mean, gov? The one you live in, we hope!)

Details about the new condo — including cost and square footage — were not available. But The Auditor is told Corzine has a large unit on the top floor of the 12-story complex.

Maybe he’ll invite some Hoboken residents over for tea… whoops, make that coffee.

Wonder what he thinks of the lawn?


7 years 8 months ago

Anyone notice the Hoboken Fire Chief car that has been parked in the Maxwell Place Sales Center lot for over a week? It’s been there so long it still has snow on it. What is it, a private car for the fire chief? He apparently doesn’t go anywhere with it.