RE/MAX Gold Coast Realty

RE/MAX Gold Coast Realty moving in to 306 Washington St.

Welp. Looks like the “transformation” of Hoboken continues. Another unique business is apparently getting replaced with a Realtor. Word is that RE/MAX Gold Coast Realty will be the next tenant at 306 Washington Street once The Office completes their move to Jersey City.

Not sure if they’re going to keep their existing spot at 56 Newark Street and have two Hoboken spots (not uncommon – look at Liberty Realty), or shut that tiny spot down and keep this “flagship” location.

Either way, it’s hard to imagine a group of people getting ready for a night on the town saying “Everyone psyched to walk the strip and ogle at all the “hot” Realty offices? Yeah! C’mon!”

Now if someone could figure out how to “mashup” bars, restaurants, clothing shops and real estate into ONE – you’d have a huge money-maker!


Description: Real Estate Agents
Address: (Current Location) 56 Newark St, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 795-0100, Fax – (201) 795-1245

RE/MAX Gold Coast Realty at 56 Newark Street in Hoboken

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  1. spiffy says:

    What if the bubble finally bursts in Hoboken, will the real estate offices be the first to vacate? Sounds like a party I don’t want to attend.

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