Where is the best place in Hoboken to hold a great 1st birthday party for your child?

Best place for a 1st birthday party?

A Hoboken411 reader asks:

“I’m looking for a place to have my son’s first birthday party.. any ideas on party spaces? I don’t want too “kiddie” a place (like romparoo or creative groove studio) since 1st birthday parties are more for the adults anyway!”

Since I don’t have a kid, I asked one of my friends who had a first birthday party for their son in 2007.

“We went to LUA last year, and rented the room off the side of the bar. While the place was nice, you have to factor in your child’s temperament. He threw a crying fit, and the party was essentially ruined. So make sure you’re close to home. Another thing to consider is food for adults. Finger-sized pieces of pizza, cupcakes and candy doesn’t always cut it.

I also went to a party at the Monroe Center recently which wasn’t bad. Just make sure the adults have food a drink and it should be OK.”

Do you have any other helpful tips or suggestions for a successful 1st birthday party?

Hoboken NJ

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