Internet magnification

Internet magnification {take the good with the bad}

When we experience a major paradigm shift like the one the internet has “graced” humanity with – it’s important to understand the nature of the beast.

The internet has “magnified” life on both the plus side as well as negative side. You can’t have one without the other.

the internet magnifies the bad and goodOn the positive side – we have all the good things that have taken place. Instant information, communication with friends and other members of the public, and a host of other benefits too lengthy to list completely (shopping, entertainment, etc.)

Of course, the negatives might construe of the easier acknowledgment of the fact that the whole world doesn’t agree with your point of view. Or that there are so many addictive and non-life-enhancing time-wasters that it can take away from a healthy lifestyle. Or the misinformation that now clouds the truth on almost all subjects (except the actual weather as it happens).

I’m suspecting that not all snowflakes out there are “ready” to handle the turbulent waters of what the internet really is (and hopefully stays that way).

It’s like going from a backyard kiddie pool to a rough ocean.

Recent “lamestream” articles like the one about “trolls” in the (once important) Time Magazine illustrates this fact.

Those that want to control the narrative or those that only want people to agree with their thoughts and ideas seem to have a problem with dissent, and probably should not use the internet until they’re ready.

And further backing up the fact that most “MSM” publications are in fact on the liberal side – the article was heavily slanted towards what is called the “Alt-Right.”

But luckily – most (intelligent) people can see through the slant these days. The BS isn’t working too well anymore. Just wondering what their next move will be (other than throttling the internet and the information that is accessible…)

That’s today’s food for thought.

the good and bad of the internet

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