60 Second Review: Insignia Flex

60 Second Review: Insignia Flex 11.6″ Tablet + Keyboard

You ever heard of the Insignia Flex? If not, you should.

When it comes to buying things – many people can get caught up in the feature lists, and the desire to have “the best.”

From cars to appliances and especially technological items like cameras, computers, and other “iGadgets,” the journey of finding a product that makes you happy can get quite frustrating.

For one, some people can become anxious knowing something “better” exists elsewhere. Which is why they might get caught up in ALWAYS trying to find the “No. 1” best product out there, often regardless of cost!

Sad thing is – if they took stock of all the things they bought over the years, they’ll realize that almost everything they acquired is now either obsolete, or only a fraction as good as today’s newest products. And the cycle repeats until the day you die (at least that’s what the big corporations hope for.)

To quote my friend Mokokoma Mokhonoana:
“Don’t obsess over having the “latest” version of a product. For there was a time that the previous version was the latest.”

Don’t obsess over having the latest version of a product For there was a time that the previous version was the latest mokokoma

But I digress…

Tell us about the Insignia Flex already!

Sorry, I’ll get off the soapbox now.

Was browsing around Best Buy the other day (a decent spot for deals if you are observant). And I was bitching to one of the dim-witted sales clerks about how laptop keyboards just plain suck. He offered nothing except shrugs. Par for the course with Millennials.

The “chiclet” style keyboards are the worst. Real computer keyboard with lots of key travel and the ability to feel the keys is a major reason why desktops still rule. (And if you’re at the point where you’re adding external keyboards to your portable computers – you’re going about it all wrong.)

As far as the laptops, they quality of the keyboards barely differed between the $300 models and the $1500 models! The only difference being maybe a back-lit model, with the latest processor, biggest hard drive and most RAM. Big deal.

But we stumbled on an el-cheapo GEM!

The Insignia Flex 11.6″ Table + Keyboard.

Normally retailing for $250, I simply looked under the table and found an “open box” model for just $150. Perfect working order, full warranty.

It’s basically a Windows 10 Tablet – but with a detachable keyboard. And I have to say it was the BEST quality keyboard in the entire store.

Sure it’s only an 11.6″ tablet, but it has a FULL HD 1920×1080 screen which looks astounding. Maybe only 2gb RAM, but plenty for surfing and light app usage. Big deal, only 32gb SSD drive – you can easily add more storage via Micro SD cards. The sound was surprising for such a small device too (not much bass, though).

No need to get the biggest, baddest, fastest – when you can achieve most of what you’re looking for mere pocket change. You’re going to want a new one in the same amount of time anyway.

So keep a lookout for those “open box” deals whenever you go out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Insignia Flex Tablet 60 Second Review

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