Geese still love Maxwell Place

8/24/2010 Update:

Ugly Orange Fence gone; Geese situation unchanged

Welp, the consistent posts about the unattractive orange prison fence around Maxwell Place Park here on Hoboken411 finally got some action.

The plastic “deterrent” was removed recently, bringing much pleasure to many Hoboken residents. The park is finally back to normal after being an eyesore for nearly two months.

But, 411 received a little tip the other day, and some evidence on how these critters liked to walk back and forth between the water and their plush bathroom facilities.

As you can see below, it appears that someone created a gaping hole for the geese to freely come and go as they please (not that they couldn’t already do that since they have wings and all.) But word on the street is that it may have been an inside job. Typical for Hoboken!

See all previous updates, including “The Geese Police,” after the jump…

8/5/2010 Update:

That orange fence really works? Really?

Yesterday, a story was published on Hoboken411 about the not-so-attractive plastic orange fencing that surrounds the otherwise beautiful park at Maxwell Place.

One Hoboken resident wasn’t too happy with that post – saying that it was a “slam” against the condo complex. He said the fence DOES serve a purpose: to keep the geese out, and that the “harmless fence” keeps the park “sanitary for kids and pets.” He went on to ask (and this is verbatim): “how wud u like ur dog eating pounds of goose stuff?”

I responded, saying I was only publishing what many Hoboken residents had asked about – and that it didn’t do anything for the geese. “Do you live at MP?” I asked.

He said that he’s been living there for over a year, and that the “geese are gone.” He said he’s there 5+ days a week with his kids, and that my claims were “unsubstantiated” and that I was passing off “incorrect info as fact.”

Well, Mr. Maxwell Place – I took lots of pictures yesterday for the orange fence story. What I didn’t include in the gallery was the many disgusting photos of the geese, the hundreds of piles of goose crap, and the smegma filled “goose-dropping soup puddles” that made me throw up a little in my mouth. They’re in the photo gallery below for your viewing (dis)pleasure. Hope you didn’t have a big, greasy breakfast with sausage.

He did have one good idea though… “the permanent solution is the exterminate these non migratory geese,” but said that would cause a community uproar. In fact, the USDA recently euthanized 400 geese in Brooklyn – and since we’re so close to JFK and have much air traffic over the Hudson River, maybe we should get rid of them too?

7/23/2010 Update:

Take that, you pesky vandals!

Back in June – I posted an update here about how some kids meddled with the sign in front of the beach at Maxwell Place Park. They removed letters to make the sign look like it said “dogs allowed.”

Management at Maxwell Place eventually took care of the issue – and affixed a sheet of Plexiglas in front of the sign – making it almost tamper proof.

In a related note – many residents keep emailing me about the goose dropping problem at the park. Dogs really should be allowed – they help keep the park free of the disgusting birds, which make much more of a mess than our loving four-legged friends.

6/28/2010 Update:

Operation Maxwell Park Clean-up

Several Hoboken residents are still very angered at the “problems” that geese leave behind at Maxwell Place park – so much so, that they think it’ll throw a wrench into how much spectators can enjoy the Macy’s Fireworks Spectacular this Sunday! They’ve organized a community clean up this Thursday, July 1st – from 6pm to 8pm.

“As you know Fourth of July is coming up and we are expecting huge crowds down on Maxwell Park to enjoy the festivities. But if you have been down there in recent months to run along the path, enjoy the playground or just catch some rays you know how big of a problem the geese and their droppings have become. This is a health hazard to our families and makes the park unusable. At one point we have seen as many as 42 geese down at the park at one time.

We’ve seen the geese police but it doesn’t seem to have helped. The geese remain and there are still thousands of droppings. Please come out on Thursday night July 1st between 6-8 PM and give us 20-30 minutes of your time to help make our park more sanitary and more enjoyable for all especially for the upcoming holiday. We will supply the gloves and the bags and hope to sign a petition to send to Mayor Dawn Zimmer to do something about this horrible problem in our city park. If by chance the city takes control this week and gets the park cleaned up we will gladly cancel.”

Dogs now have swimming permits at Maxwell Beach!

6/7/2010 Update:
Hoboken411 reader Matt thought it was funny that the “rules” have changed in terms of dogs on the “beach” at Maxwell Place, saying “I guess someone else feels that its pretty ridiculous that no dogs are allowed, meanwhile there are thirty geese on the beach (literally). They should rename maxwell park to goose-crap park.”

But what to do about all the geese?

Hoboken411 reader Charles also chimed in about the gross geese at Maxwell Place Park:

“I’ve been meaning to write for a long time but have recently really reached my boiling point. Why are Canadian Geese allowed to walk, eat, and poop all over Maxwell Park yet dogs can not go on the grass? There must be about 80 pounds of goose poop all over the grass and sidewalk.

It is disgusting and must be a health issue as well. The geese are bold-as-can-be and walk right by people throughout the day. These birds are beautiful but something must be done to preserve the spot for all the residents of Hoboken who don’t have enough park space as it is. I understand some dog owners are not responsible with picking up poop or controlling their animals, but it seems that if dogs were able to chase these flying rats away (at least on off-hours), we could keep Maxwell much cleaner to the benefit of Hoboken residents. I guarantee I am not the only one to feel this way!”

My guess is that maybe the dogs are now allowed because they’re free geese repellents?

Dogs: No; Geese: OK


Most of us know there is a geese problem over at Maxwell Place park. Disgusting and unsanitary droppings all over the place. With no dogs allowed anymore, the geese like to call MP their new home.

Well, help is now here!


Introducing the Geese Police

geese-police-get-the-flock-out.gifI had a chance to speak with Kurt (and his companion Meg – the “herding” Border Collie) this week to find out what’s being done about this nagging “quality of life” problem plaguing many residents.

For starters, this isn’t the first time the Geese Police have been in Hoboken. Maxwell Place had called them in during the construction phase of the mega-condominium project, but had canceled the contract once the geese were gone.

Since then, the disgusting foul have returned, and Maxwell Place management re-hired the “Geese B Gone” crew earlier in June.

From the Geese Police website:

“Our handlers are specially trained to work and properly control the dog using special techniques developed by Geese Police. In addition, our handlers are educated on the behavior of the Canada geese and their migratory, nesting and breeding habits. With this training they are also able to educate the public ensuring the most successful goose control program available.”

Kurt said that himself (and a fellow crew member) come to the site between two and five times per day to chase these pesky critters away. (Wouldn’t allowing “regular” dogs accomplish the same feat? For free?)

He uses two methods for scaring the birds: His faithful dog Meg, and a plastic bottle filled with golf balls.

I asked him what happened to the dog cutouts that were there previously, and he indicated that those aren’t effective at all, as “geese are smarter than you think.”

Howell, NJ based Geese Police also have other customers along the river, such as in Jersey City and Weehawken.

Hey, at least it isn’t paid for with taxpayer dollars!


5/19/2008 Update:

I’ve received over 30 emails about the goose droppings over at Maxwell Place park, all with pretty much the same sentiment. The most recent one said: “It really is very gross and a health hazard for children, especially playing in the grass where you can’t see it as well.”

And another: “Our Mayor and town government is useless. Unless there is a ribbon-cutting involved, they could care less. I know how I’m voting next year!”

Here’s a few more reader-submitted pictures. See the previous updates after the jump.



We all know there’s an ongoing battle between dog-lovers and dog-haters, and Hoboken has seemingly become less “dog-friendly.” Maxwell Place is one of the locations in town that now has more signs prohibiting where our furry friends can run around.

At one point in time, the Maxwell Place park had these dog cutouts along the water, which I presume served as geese deterrents. Well with no real dogs, and not even dog cutouts anymore, some geese are calling MP their home. Even having “geese-lets”…

Well, the pathway along the park now is incredibly disgusting, with horrible goose droppings all over the place (which is probably worse that dog crap.) Who’s picking this up?

Let the dogs (and their responsible owners) on the grass, and this problem will go away!


(sorry to ruin anyone’s lunch with these awful photos)

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7 years 8 months ago

I wonder why they got rid of the geese deterrent cut outs.

7 years 8 months ago

There are a number of geese raising their young along the shore of the Hudson. Do you want let your dog loose to slaghter them too?

7 years 8 months ago

Maybe Maxwell Place will “hire” dogs to keep the geese away.

Hey, if it good enough for Air Force One…

Personally, I would much rather have resopnisble dog owners and their dogs, on leashes, than all of the geese and their droppings. Also, geese can be rather agressive

strand tramp
7 years 8 months ago

golf courses spend $millions each year trying to prevent canadian geese from staying around due to the large amounts of feces they produce. also they are very territorial and aggressive. so be careful when you walk your kids in that park. they will be walking in feces and the geese will attack you. they can pluck out a childs eye in a second. and you adults are not safe either because they aren’t scared of you.

7 years 8 months ago

[quote comment=”83050″]There are a number of geese raising their young along the shore of the Hudson. Do you want let your dog loose to slaghter them too?[/quote]

Yes, she is actually great at it as is my other dog. These geese are pigeons in bigger bodies, aggressive, pooping vermin. My dog on the other hand is a well trained, calm, loving, pet.

I am ok with banning dogs, as long as we can ban kids too. Kids are loud, dirty, toxic, disease spreaders that disrupt my calm us of open space. Especially, the spoiled rotten yuppie style kind in this town.