Here’s today’s reader mail about the etiquette you’re supposed to have when you own a deranged and dangerous dog:

Rude dog walker with dangerous dog

“This morning around 6:45 I took my dogs out for a walk and a trip to the dog park. While they were peeing on the curb in front of my apartment, I woman walking her dog walks up the sidewalk and appears clearly aggitated once she gets to me and my dogs (there was plenty of space to pass and I even pulled one over a little more so she’d have more room). She huffed out a rude ‘excuse me’, allowing her dog to tough noses with mine as she walked by.


Once my dogs were done, I started walking up my street towards the dog park, with this woman being in front of me when I started–I passed her as we were crossing a street, she sighed heavily, looked at my with a clearly annoyed expression, and muttered some words that I hope I heard incorrectly. She then muttered (again, low enough that it wasn’t easy to hear) that her dog would attack my dogs (now this dog wasn’t growling or showing any other threatening behavior that would clearly indicate his potential issue with other dogs, so it’s something she would have had to articulate to me in our previous encounter). Once I heard that, I told her she shouldn’t be walking them near me (she had every opportunity to say that her dog wasn’t friendly, and had the chance to cross the street rather than allowing her dog to walk within inches of mine when she first encountered me, even allowing her ‘dangerous’ dog to touch noses with mine).

People–if you have dogs that are possibly a danger to other dogs, PLEASE clearly let it be known to those you encounter. Dogs are all over the place in this town–people with dogs that don’t get along with others are generally good–pulling theirs to the side and announcing to me as I approach that their dog isn’t good with other dogs..allowing me to keep mine to the side and not let them enter the other dog’s personal space).

It is YOUR responsibility to protect others from your dogs potential problems. Don’t act annoyed with me when I happen to be using the sidewalk–it isn’t your personal property. Speak up CLEARLY so that I know your dog is a possible danger to mine and don’t be so rude. Keep YOUR dog away from others–this woman could have easily crossed the street once she saw my dogs exit my apartment building–she was a half block away!