Man, this is a tough subject when you live in an apartment building, Hoboken or not.

What do you do if you live below a family with kids who love to run, stomp and play?

Here’s what one reader is dealing with right now:


Damn, those noisy kids!

“I recently read the letter from a reader about his or her troubles with a problem tenant that they chalked up to section 8 housing. My problems aren’t as serious or causing danger, but it got me to thinking: how many renters in Hoboken have the same issue as me and how has the landlord helped them? Issue: my upstairs neighbors are a family with about 5-7 kids (i don’t really know the exact number, it’s been hard to determine). It’s most likely a 3 bedroom apartment, as I know it is bigger than mine. For the first couple months that I lived in this apartment, it sounded like my upstairs neighbors were re-arranging the furniture on the weekends. That’s what I thought at least, so I thought nothing of it. Until I realized that it had been about 3-4 months of this activity every Saturday morning. It starts around 6:30am and goes until at least 9am. Similar noises go on Monday through Friday as well in the morning, although I leave by 8am so I don’t know exactly how long it goes on for. Another common thing is the evening between 5-8 or later sometimes. Last night I got home from work and it sounded like they were playing football upstairs, full contact.

hoboken-be-quiet.jpgNow, I know kids will be kids and play and run around. But these kids make so much noise it would be impossible to describe. It’s over my living room, but the apartment adjacent to mine has a bedroom sharing my living room wall. I know of at least one tenant that has moved within the building primarily because of this issue. This other tenant told me they constantly called the landlord and complained, which I did as well for much of the first year I lived in the apartment. But I had since given up. I’ve spent a lot of weekends out of town so it bothered me less. But then recently, as I have in the past, I had guests for the weekend that slept in my living room. Saturday morning, sure enough, 6:30am, they’re awake in the living room because of the noise. I’ve had all different sorts of visitors at different times, and they all cannot believe the noise. I’ve lived under other families and have never heard anything like this.

The landlord has heard my complaints, I’ve spoken to my upstairs neighbor who says it’s just “kids being kids”. The landlord has heard other complaints. According to the upstairs neighbor, previous tenants from my apartment used to complain about his family also. It’s becoming obvious that the landlord is probably never going to do anything, and I’m going ot have to start considering moving, even though I don’t want the cost of moving. Sometimes it makes me so angry that it completely ruins my weekend because I cannot relax.

How many other renters share my issue in this town of having to deal with more than “normal” family noise from a neighbor?”