The future? Hoboken Chain Central

A decade ago, we had few “chain” food or drink destinations. McDonald’s, Domino’s, Subway, Boston Market – as well as Dunkin’ Donuts, Quick Chek, and I believe the downtown Starbucks had only just opened their first Hoboken location. That was about it for “big name” establishments (although Blimpie is considered a chain, ours is about as “local” as you can get).

It is true, however, that a few “chains” didn’t fare well in Hoboken (Quizno’s, Energy Kitchen, Saladworks, Soup Man, Emack & Bolio’s and a few others). There even used to be a Burger King in Hoboken! (Where One Republik is now).

But the major trend for 2014 (and beyond) is Hoboken Chain Central Station!!

Hoboken Chain CentralAnyway, here’s a partial list of established chains:

Heck, even our newest Realtor can be considered a “chain,” (Keller Williams).

And to make the transformation on this level complete, all we need to come to Hoboken are: Taco Bell, Olive Garden, Papa John’s, and Krispy Kreme (although Chick-fil-A would be a WELCOME addition to Hoboken!)

Starting a biz in Hoboken impossible without “chain name” power?

It’s apparent that it is exceedingly difficult to start a business like this in Hoboken unless you’re already established with massive cash-flow, and the luxury that comes with buying things in bulk (volume discounting). With the SKY HIGH rents in town, and a non-business friendly “government,” the prospects are slim to have truly “local” shops in town. Those days are dwindling, and the end is near!

PS – it should also be noted, that some places first opened in Hoboken have or eventually will expand in a chain-like manner (Taco Truck, Red Lion Coffee, Slider Street, etc.) Additionally, this was most certainly not meant to be a comprehensive list – as quite a few others were left out of the mix for simplicity (like W Hotel, our supermarkets, movie theater, gyms, hair salons, barbers, clothing stores, day care centers, etc.)

Down with chains? Or long live chains?