New PSE&G Substation being constructed in Hoboken, NJ

Did you know that adjacent to the “public space” sandwiched in-between the two bridges leading to and from Hoboken (as well as the Homeless luxury shanty town) is a new PSE&G substation being built?

What could they be doing this for? I thought Hoboken’s population used be be 75,000 people. Why the need for more power grid infrastructure? Some might argue that this new PSE&G power substation is being built as a result of Hurricane Sandy (I like calling it a hurricane over that grossly over-used and dramatic “super-storm”), or that “Hoboken needs more resilient grids,” etc.

People we’ve spoken with on the streets of Hoboken, however, are curious whether there is “more than meets the eye” here. Some are theorizing it’s being built for other reasons. Such as a new NJ Transit Light Rail station – as well as the (low on the radar) Rockefeller mega-developments that may sprout up underneath your noses. (Yep, those “projects” where massive financial contributions pave the way for “smooth sailing” for developers…)

You ever wonder what’s “going on” without public discourse? This may or may not be one of those situations.

But always question what is going on. And then question it more beyond “official” responses.

PSE&G Substation Hoboken NJ