P & M Tire Co

1/19/2007 Update:

“From rubber to rubble”. I’m not sure how long ago this old tire shop was demolished, but for the record, here’s the before and after. Anyone’s guess as to what it will become?


Back in March of 2006:
Description – Tire Dealers Retail
Address – 101 Harrison St, Hoboken, New Jersey ( NJ ) 07030
Telephone – (201) 653-2332

Looks closed to me

PM tire.JPG

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  1. homeworld says:

    Maybe the same thing as the old Getty Service Station on 14th and Willow. . . an empty lot

  2. emarche says:

    Please. This will be the new home of Sushi Lounge West. Joy.

  3. JeniGump says:

    A nail salon that serves Sushi and does your dry cleaning and bank statements while you wait.

    Oh, and it will have wifi so you can post on Hoboken411!

  4. Cracker says:

    It’s becoming LUXURY Condos.
    what ever happened to just a plain old condo?
    what makes it a luxury condo anyway?
    soon they will have posters hanging up with men in suits rapping a jacket around the shoulders of a hot chick and different ethnic groups laughing with each other over coffee.

  5. emarche says:

    “Luxury” means they’ll slap a coat of thin, white paint on the dry wall seconds before they hand over the keys. You know what would be really shocking? If instead of a ‘luxury’ condo, someone put up a ‘solidly built’ condo. This town is packed tight with shoddy construction.

  6. b says:

    i can’t stand the f’n “hot chic drinking photos” i.e. fields crossing.

  7. MidnightRacer says:

    Damn, they had to knock P&M Tire Co down. I was hoping it would be an East Coast Customs car pimp’n center.

    Luxury Condos? I think luxury means that if you buy one, the nose job is included in the purchase as an incentive to buy in a down market. That way, you don’t have to tire out your finger from holding the thing up all the time.

  8. rapperd says:

    Yeah, ‘luxury condo’ in this town does seem to have taken on the definition of using cheapest materials to build, yet have the outward look of being nice…
    a la Fields Crossing, as was mentioned previously. That place is a piece of crap – they are still trying to dump those units and offering all kinds of incentives.. Seeing the lack of pride that goes into anything Fields does, I’d stay far from any project they have had a hand in…

    It would be nice to see this site be advertised as “well build condos”, and see what kind of response that got.. haha.

  9. MidnightRacer says:

    I think the only luxury condos in Hoboken are the ones yet to be completed – top floor condos on top of the W Hotel.

    Everything else is like that little kid that wants to be part of the gang but the can’t keep up. Remember the movie, “Say Anything”, where the guys are leaning on the chain linked fences talking about their women problems and the camera panns down to a little kid saying “b****** man, b******”. The others just look at him like, “yeah right, whatever”.

    These new condo’s are like that kid. They sit there with their chins ticking upward to people passing by and saying, “luxury man, luxy”.

  10. Red Haven says:

    P&M will be replaced by a five story mixed use building. The developer received several variances for things that are not allowed by the current zoning, including:

    1) 100% Lot Coverage
    2) Retail where there is no other retail on the block
    3) Height in Feet
    4) Number of Stories
    5) Zero Front Yard Setback
    6) Zero Rear Yard Setback
    7) and Density

    It’s not the worst project in town by a longshot, but it is another typical Hoboken story where the Zoning Code means nothing if you have the “right” people connected to your project.

  11. emarche says:

    Oh boy oh boy! More ATMs!!!

  12. MidnightRacer says:

    Life would be grande if ATM’s dispensed crispy tacos

  13. Red Haven says:

    [quote comment=”10850″]Life would be grande if ATM’s dispensed crispy tacos[/quote]

    They used to have those. They were called “Automats”.

  14. emarche says:

    They still do: http://www.bamnfood.com/

    No tacos, tho. 😐

  15. MidnightRacer says:

    Actually, I think there’s an Automat down in the East Village. I walked by once and was happpily surprised. My dad reminisces about them when telling stories of growing up in Philly.

  16. rapperd says:

    [quote comment=”10847″]
    1) 100% Lot Coverage
    2) Retail where there is no other retail on the block
    3) Height in Feet
    4) Number of Stories
    5) Zero Front Yard Setback
    6) Zero Rear Yard Setback
    7) and Density
    This begs the question, why even have zoning restrictions when the mayor and co. are always granting variances like it’s their job to whomever they are pals with……… it’s sickening..

  17. emarche says:

    No sh*t. Too bad we can’t get Spitzer to do a clean-up on this side of the river.

  18. Lady says:

    I have a few friends who live in Fields buildings and have ZERO complaints. They are always around to fix anything that needs fixing (completely unavoidable) and they work well with the property management co. as well.

    The have upgrades as standard throughout their buildings as well, unlike some other buildings with their cheapest counter tops, door knops, fixtures, appliances etc.

  19. CharlieAParker says:

    [quote comment=”10854″]This begs the question, why even have zoning restrictions[/quote]

    That wouldn’t be financially prudent for the politician class of town. 👿

  20. westy says:

    The Mayor has stalled for years on making the Hoboken Master Plan into law. making it more of a political sham than a plan.

    The Zoning Board never follows the actual zoning laws already on the books.

    They have made up their own “master plan” and it is why most developers get variances just for the asking.

    The devlopers make larger profits from the variances given to them by the board.
    The people of Hoboken never get anything in return from the granting of these variances. They should!

    Each and everyone of the Zoning Board members was hand picked by Mayor David Roberts.

    Anyone see what is the real “Master Plan” in Hoboken?

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